N.T. Morley

N.T. Morley, the Past-Mistress of SM Erotic Romance, has added four new erotic masterpieces to her exciting body of work.


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The Appointment, by N. T. Morley

The Limousine, by N. T. Morley

The Parlor, by N. T. Morley

The Visitor, by N. T. Morley

The Appointment: Full Contact Therapy expert Dr. Rachel Quarry believes that to properly counsel certain clients, physical discipline for all misbehavior is an absolute must. But Dr. Quarry has her hands full with Vanya Garrison, a rich bitch wife who can’t seem to keep it in her pants. Between Vanya’s sordid confessions and the swift application of paddle, whip and strap to the misbehaving client’s behind, Vanya’s sessions with Dr. Quarry are almost as exciting as the masturbatory antics engaged in by Dr. Quarry’s voyeuristic secretary, Crystal—who can’t help inveigling her idol, porn star Savannah Grande, into the mix. But when Vanya learns that her fabulously wealthy husband Roland might be craving the stern hand of discipline himself, can Dr. Quarry keep her practice even remotely on the up-and-up, or will ethical considerations be forgotten in an onslaught of torrid lust?

The Limousine: Fascinated by her roommate Kristi’s illicit sex life, the young professional Brenda covets Kristi’s unending parade of dominant men. She is tempted into a web of ecstasy when she agrees to perform for the “Master” Kristi has been seeing. Without ever allowing his plaything to see him, the Master first guides her into bed with Kristi—and then into submission to her as well as to the Master himself. After the Master tempts Brenda into a meeting where she is savagely disciplined and sexually used, Brenda surrenders all control—entering into a pact of mutual submission with Kristi that leaves both girls utterly at the mercy of their Master. But what dark plans does this unseen man have for his two willing slaves?

The Parlor: Kathryn accepts her dream proposal: a contract for a year of sexual servitude in the mansion of the gorgeous Sarah and the mysterious John. Introduced to the pleasures and pains of severe bondage and discipline, Kathryn discovers that John and Sarah intend to place every portion of her anatomy available at the service of their guests, friends, and co-conspirators. She is given again and again to faceless men and women, pierced to display her submission, and punished exquisitely for the least transgression—or merely to amuse her owners. Before long it becomes clear that far more than mere submission is taking place—Sarah is far more than a mortal dominant, and the darkest embrace awaits those who offer her absolute submission. Can Kathryn resist her desire to give herself over to total pleasure and unending surrender? Or will she resist Sarah’s touch and become an enemy of this powerful creature?

The Visitor: Virginal 18-year-old ingénue Cecilia Roswell is the illegitimate child of disgraced noblewoman Mary Drew, who has since been married off to the much older Lord Arthur Drew. Cecilia is shocked one afternoon to see her mother, disgraced noblewoman Mary Drew, misbehaving quite shamefully with a mysterious visitor, Mr. Beckwith. Cecilia is even more shocked when her stepfather, Lord Arthur Drew, invites Mr. Beckwith to stay at the estate for a few days. Before long, it becomes clear that Cecilia herself is the target of Mr. Beckwith’s interests, and that he intends to train her as a sexual servant through a scandalous regime of spanking, exposure, and steadily increasing erotic humiliation. As Cecilia slowly discovers her craving for these very treatments, she realizes that the life planned for her is not that of the hidden child of a noble family, for whom she is a mere inconvenience—but that of the submissive slave of a scoundrel who will stop at nothing to inveigle her into his web of sexual indulgence.

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