Tiffany's Cuckold, A New Novel by Derrin Hart

They both wanted more from their relationship … about nine inches more.

Tiffany’s Cuckold ($12.95, 184 pp, ISBN: 978-1-60381-500-0) is Fanny Press’s third contribution to the popular and controversial new “cuckold” genre in erotica. The author, Derrin Hart, also wrote one of Fanny Press’s bestsellers: Our Dark Secret: A Modern Cuckold Memoir.

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The wedding was beautiful, and James and Tiffany are riding high. But Tiffany craves more in bed … about nine inches more. When it comes to physical endowment, James definitely got the short end of the stick. Ashamed of his deficiency, he decides that a little outside action might be exactly what his wife needs. They spend one wild night at a swingers’ party. Just when they have decided that the swinging lifestyle is not for them, tragedy strikes: James is badly injured in a car accident, loses his well-paid job, and is confined to a wheelchair. The couple’s upper class lifestyle is in jeopardy. On a whim, Tiffany signs with a swinging escort agency, setting just one condition: that James be allowed to watch. The money starts to pour in. Although James has no choice but to accept her decision, he soon finds that he enjoys the show. Until it starts to go on without him. Will James decide that Tiffany is too much of a hotwife to handle, or will he accept her conditions and become her loving, obedient cuckold?

Derrin Hart is the author of Our Dark Secret: A Modern Cuckold Memoir. Tiffany’s Cuckold is the second in a series of three sexy books exploring open marriage. Coming soon: Southern Belle Cuckold. Click here to find Derrin online.

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Read on for an excerpt:

Tiffany went over to the counter and poured herself a glass of wine—already uncorked. She seemed fine. “Come here,” she said, waving me over. “I want you to hide in that big closet.” I hesitated and looked at my wife with concern. She knelt down and looked at me, eye to eye. “James, get into the closet.”

I rolled over and she guided the doors open and pushed me in. I fit, though with not much room to spare.

There was sound at the door and she was gone. “Well, hello there,” came a deep voice from within the room. I felt stupid. Here I was hiding and seeing nothing.

Tiffany said hi back in her girly voice—much different than that of the strange man in the room with her. I wanted to throw up, yet I was excited, too. This was crazy!

“I’m Warren,” he said. “I see you found the wine easily enough.” Tiffany started to say her real name, yet caught herself, “My pleasure, Warren,” she said. “I’m T—, uh, Faith.” I remembered why we had chosen Faith. Because she had always been faithful to me.

“I have something very nice planned for us, Faith,” the deep voiced Warren announced. “By the way, you look fabulous. When I first saw your picture, I said, ‘Now that’s a clean-faced, classy lassie. She really stands above the rest.”

Tiffany giggled and said, “Well, thank you.”

I could not wait any longer. I slid the closet door ever so slightly open and peered out. Hopefully I would not be seen. Warren was around fifty, I guessed. He was in decent shape but had a small potbelly. His hair was graying and slicked back. He was dressed in black slacks and a button-down silver-gray shirt. On his wrist he sported a golden Rolex.

“Sit on the bed and relax,” he motioned to my wife. That dress of hers was skintight. She was smoking sexy. This guy would have a hard time handling her. He sat beside her and touched her hair. Nibbling her neck and kissing her cheek, he whispered, “You’re very lovely.”

Then he stood and walked toward me. I tried to duck but had nowhere to go. I was exposed, or so I thought. However, he passed by the closet into an adjoining bathroom area. “I have a surprise for you,” he announced from afar. Tiffany was waiting in anticipation. “Faith, I’d like to introduce you to my wife, San Sune. I watched as he led an Asian woman over to the bed. She was petite and pretty and wore a long black leather coat, very shiny. Her black high heels made her stand quite a bit taller than Tiff. She reached out, and the two touched hands. “San Sune is from Thailand,” he proudly announced. I’d had no idea there would be a woman involved in this meeting. Tiffany was taken aback but kept her cool.

The man’s lady friend was wearing very alluring lingerie under her long coat. The stockings were visible and I caught a glimpse of a garter belt, too. The couple wasted no time getting things going.

“San Sune,” Warren cooed, “I’m so happy we can enjoy this lovely woman together.”

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