Shameful Desires 2: Mastered, by P.J. Proud

Shameful Desires 2: Mastered ($14.95, 268 pages, ISBN: 978-1-60381-495-9), by P.J. Proud, is the much anticipated second book of the Shameful Desires trilogy, an edgy and passionate saga about two  men whose love affair is a constant battleground.

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“The chemistry between Andre and Jeremy is blistering. They are a good match for each other if Andre would listen to Jeremy rather than expect him to just do what he says. The sex scenes were scorching but for some it can go to extremes at times. Mastered is the second book in the series Shameful Desires by PJ Proud. This book is part of a series and is best read in order to fully understand the characters. I found this book well written with fascinating and appealing characters. I was so drawn into the story that I read this book in one sitting. I had a very hard time putting this book down. I loved this book. While I have not read this author before, I will definitely be looking for more books by this author in the future.” Read more ….

–Cocktails and Books

Happily Ever After
Jeremy Piper is in love. He has embraced the Dominant/submissive lifestyle as a “sub” and is moving in with his Master, the movie actor Andre Jackson. Jeremy has everything he has ever wanted.

A Dream Shattered
Role-playing for a scene is worlds away from living the lifestyle, and Jeremy is unprepared for the reality: his stern Master, wrestling with ghosts from his past, is rigid, unyielding and demands complete obedience from his slave, both in and out of the bedroom. Although eager to please, Jeremy is just as strong willed as his Master and chafes against his authority, refusing to be tamed.

Secrets and Lies
A secret is revealed, a trust is broken, and the two headstrong men drive each other to the breaking point, unwilling to admit their own insecurities and confess their mutual need.

Can the Master learn from his past? Can the slave become the teacher? The battle of wills is fierce as Jeremy and Andre continue to discover and explore their shameful desires.

Mastered is Book 2 of the Shameful Desires trilogy, which began with Enslaved. Coming soon: Shameful Desires 3: Unbound.

Always hungry for ways to create more sparks in life, P.J. PROUD enjoys drawing and painting in addition to writing, music, exercise (a fanatic!), skiing, getting lost in the woods (thanks to being directionally impaired), helping people, and spending as much time with family as possible. P.J. has been writing gay-themed short stories, novellas, fan fiction and poetry for over two years. Shameful Desires 2: Mastered is the author’s second novel. Shameful Desires 1: Enslaved was the first, a coming-out story of sorts, penned from a dream and a haunting lyric, “I drew a new face and I laughed,” from a Jason Mraz song called “I’m Yours,” which urged the author to take a chance and change the stars.

Keep reading for an excerpt:

The movie is still playing at the mall, so he takes the afternoon off, texts Andre that he may have to work late and he’s dashing to his truck, speeding to the theater and hurriedly buying a ticket before he can change his mind—

Grabs popcorn and a drink and settles in, heart pounding, feeling like he’s gonna get caught at any second—

Stupid previews, just get to the fucking movie before Andre finds out what I’m doing—

And finally, there’s Andre, on-screen, so fucking gorgeous Jeremy can’t breathe and he’s immersed in the story, suddenly not seeing Andre anymore but falling in love with the hero, so beautiful and flawed, it hurts to watch and he cries when Andre cries, laughs when it’s light and he can handle the romance between the two characters, sure, because it’s just looks and half-touches and he doesn’t know what Andre was so worried about—

And then—

His world falls apart. Because the screen is filled with Andre’s naked back, muscles flexing in slow motion, hips bucking in between a woman’s knees and he’s fucking her, Jesus Christ, and kissing her, with tongue, his hands all over her naked tits, running his thumb over a pert nipple … like he kisses Jeremy. Like he touches Jeremy. And she’s panting, huffing and rocking around underneath him, whispering words of love, kissing his mouth, nipping at his jaw, touching his fucking man—

And Jeremy can’t breathe, can’t fucking swallow over the goddamn lump that’s suddenly taken over his throat, knows it’s a scene, knows it’s acting but the only thing circling his mind right now is how many fucking takes did that scene take to film? Because, shit, Andre sure looks the fuck like he’s enjoying it, every goddamn second of it and he’s making those noises he makes when he’s fucking me—

Doesn’t even realize he’s crying until a sob works out of his chest and he’s biting down on a fist, trying to hold it in, feeling like he wants to puke his guts out—

He’s okay with it, he really is, he’s secure in the relationship, knows Andre loves him and he’s fucking fine with it, not jealous, not jealous at all.

Like goddamn hell.

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