Just Chemistry, A Steamy Office Romance by New Author Vera Jax

An explosive office romance can be hell on a career …

Just Chemistry (ISBN: 978-1-60381-512-3, 160 pp., $12.95) is a sizzling hot erotic romance by new author Vera Jax that takes place in the cutthroat business environments of both Los Angeles and Houston.


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“Sam and Logan has chemistry.  Not just the average chemistry found between two lovers.  The chemistry between these two characters will blow the readers away.  It seems like they were ready to come out of the pages and put on a show. This was a great read.  I loved the beginning.  However, the ending of the book was perfect. Thanks for a great read Vera.”

The Bunny’s Review

“Just Chemistry (of love) is a super erotic office romance starring two dynamic ethical executives.  The storyline grips fans with that opening encounter of strangers in the elevator exchanging lustful glances and never slows down as they team up to try to bring down a protected predator.  Although a coincidence brings the engaging lead pair together for the second session and the unlikely ending, readers will sing Sinatra’s song ‘Strangers in the Night’: ‘Something in your eyes was so inviting; Something in you smile was so exciting; Something in my heart told me I must have you’ as Vera Jax provides a ‘Lovers at first sight, in love forever’ romance.”  Read More …

—Harriett Klausner

Logan is powerfully attracted to the woman standing before him in the elevator. Minutes later he discovers that they have at least one thing in common: both work for Blue Dreams Marketing—he in the LA office and she in the Houston branch. And he is Sam’s superior.

Sam is equally attracted to Logan. Not one to let opportunities slip by, she gets him to share a “lunch” where each is the main course. But Sam has worked too hard to jeopardize a career she loves for the sake of sexual chemistry. Everyone knows that sleeping with—let alone dating—a superior is bad business. Worse still is the fact that Logan is being considered for a promotion that may put Sam’s job on the line.

Sam breaks it off with Logan. But he won’t let her go, even after being presented with evidence that Sam is involved in another office affair. In the end corporate intrigue forces Sam and Logan to band together for the sake of their careers. Logan is determined to remain at Sam’s side, but will she let him?

Vera Jax is a full-time professional in Texas, where she lives with her husband and their children. A sex-positive and body-positive feminist, she loves writing erotica, reading about female sexuality, and celebrating women’s sexual autonomy. Vera does volunteer work with a non-profit that helps women and their families. She believes erotica gives women a safe space where they can explore their fantasies with no shame or judgment and where they can see their desires and urges reflected in a positive light. Click here to find Vera online. You can also follow her on Twitter (@verajax) and “like” her on Facebook.

Just Chemistry is available on BN.com, as well as in Kindle and 5×8 trade paperback editions on Amazon.com, the European Amazons and Amazon Japan. Bookstores can order through Ingram, Baker & Taylor or by contacting info@fannypress.com. Other electronic versions can be purchased on Smashwords ($4.95) and from most major online eBook retailers.

Keep reading for an excerpt:

“You want to grab lunch?” Logan, seated next to her, repeated the question. Startled, Sam looked up from her phone. He was smiling, inviting her. They had finally reached the scheduled lunch break and the people around her were standing up and stretching their legs. She turned back to Logan.

Was this a pick up line?

Although his words were polite, his expression spoke of a different kind of hunger. He was looking straight at her, his gaze bold and steady. And he wasn’t just looking at her; he was doing to her what she had done to him all morning. He was seeing what was going on beneath her clothing, sensing her heat.

He won’t shoot you down.

His eyes saw her brown hair still wet from her morning shower, her breasts framed in her red bra under a plain white shirt. Her lean legs crowned by an ass that would tempt any man beyond endurance.

“Yes. I would love to.” She knew exactly what Logan would be having for lunch.

They stood up. She walked out of the room, and he followed. “Where are we going?” he asked.

“My place.”

She looked back at him and saw the reaction she’d hoped for—surprise, followed quickly by anticipation and amusement. She led him down the hall to the elevators. They stood across from each other while the floors ticked down: 23-22-21 …. They were smiling at each other.

“This is insane,” he said. “We’re on a lunch break.”

“So we’ll be a little late. Don’t worry about it. I helped Carli prepare the presentation. You’re not missing much.”

“I’ve never met anyone quite like you,” he said.

Sam laughed. “The same goes for me.”

The elevator doors opened. She reached across and grabbed his hand, practically pulling him out of the elevator, “Let’s go.” That contact sent another wave through her stomach and into her pussy. She swallowed. Logan’s lips were parted, and he was breathing rapidly, as though they’d been making a mad dash down the staircase rather than taking a sedate elevator ride. It was clear that his man was also having a difficult time keeping his body from responding to her in a way that might end both their careers.

They hurried down the sidewalk hand in hand, along the same path she took every day to go home. What felt like minutes later, they were entering her apartment. She closed the door behind him and started to unzip her skirt as she moved toward the bedroom. Her red boyshorts were showing, inch by inch, as the zipper came down far enough for her skirt to slide to the floor.

He was removing his shoes and stumbling a bit as he followed. “Take your socks off,” she said. He sat down on the armchair in her bedroom and obeyed. He was now in boxers and t-shirt—that damn t-shirt. She had gotten them this far, but now she wanted him to take her. She wanted him to take control, right now.

As though responding to the silent request, he stood up, the smile gone from his lips, and walked toward her. Kneeling before her, he slipped his fingers inside her soaked underwear and began to plant small kisses above the waistband as he pulled them down. She ran her fingers through his hair, caressing the back of his neck. As her underwear fell to the floor, she felt his hands move down her thighs, her knees, her calves. His mouth traced kisses downward as well, starting just under her belly button and descending until it found her clitoris. She moaned and leaned forward, pressing her hand into his shoulder. His tongue was playing with her, caressing her, coaxing. His lips sucked her gently, then more forcefully, then gently again. Her knees gave way, and she fell back onto the bed.

“No,” he commanded. “Sit up. I want you to watch this.” The authority in his voice sent a jolt down her spine.

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