Choices, Book 1 of the Luxuria Trilogy, by Galia Ryan

She needed the money, then she needed the sex. Whatever will she do now?

CHOICES ($12.95, 194 pages, ISBN: 978-1-60381-514-7), is the first book of the Luxuria trilogy, by debut erotica author Galia Ryan. The second two books, SECRETS and LIES will be published in 2013.

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5 Stars: “I was immediately captivated by Anna and her story. CHOICES, the first novel in a new trilogy, was sexy, indulgent and satisfying. I can’t wait to read the rest of Anna’s journey as she continues to discover herself and all the pleasures life has to offer. This is a great choice if you are looking for some light BDSM and erotic entertainment.”

–Bookie Nookie Reviews

“Having worked many years in the financial industry and in London, I can relate to the scenarios Anna finds herself in. Many people found themselves in tough spots and needed a way out. A few have gone down this route (and a few have found rich sugar daddies) and believe it or not, this situation is more reality than fiction. In Galia Ryan’s book Choices, she captures the essence of the lifestyle and brings to light a bit of truth rather than just erotic fiction. This book is well written, a feast of a read and I look forward to reading her next novels in the series.”

—Brent McLean for Reader Views

5 Stars: “Anna’s apparent addictive personality makes for a strong character driven BDSM tale as she goes from the ecstasy of serial shopper to the ecstasy of serial sex. The two men she likes enhance reader understanding of Anna as they are opposite sides of the same coin. However, this is Anna’s awesome adventure with her bouncing from one decision to another only to find new daunting options await her.”

–Harriet Klausner

5 Stars: “This book is filled with the kind of intense sexual experiences you would only wish to have in your fantasies. Not only that but it puts into perspective just how far we can be willing to go for money and for love. We are never willing to admit to ourselves just how far we want to go to please our partners. This book makes you think about what it would be like to actually follow that kinky side of yourself and put sexual satisfaction before all else. I truly enjoyed reading Choices. Galia Ryan did an excellent job keep you turned on right to the last page.”

–A Simple Mom Blog

“I read this book in about 2 hours.  WOW!  Okay I loved the beginning and almost everything about the book. Great story Galia.  I loved everything about it.  No I still do not like the ending but it was perfect.  The perfect ending to a perfect story.”

The Bunny’s Review

Anna is broke. Really broke. Credit cards maxed out. Store cards, too. She can’t make her repayments and there’s nowhere to turn. Educated, intelligent, and—until recently—upwardly mobile, Anna is forced to make a choice. Sink or swim. And swimming means finding a part-time job to complement her full-time career. One that would pay enough to get her head above water. Except that part-time jobs don’t pay. Usually. Drawn into the sordid world of private escorts, Anna discovers there is little she won’t do for money, lots and lots of money. She even starts to enjoy the sex. Until she meets an unusually seductive client who introduces her to the world of Dominance and submission. Then everything changes.

Says Ryan, “CHOICES began as an erotic idea. A vague mishmash of fantasy and fiction. Take a girl. Give her a solid family background and a respectable career. She is, of course, intelligent and confident—a woman of today. Add a measure of debt. Nothing too serious. A credit card or two, the usual store cards. Perhaps even a personal loan. She could be your best friend. She might be your sister. Throw into the mix the insidious global financial crisis and the ever-increasing cost of living, and watch her world come tumbling down. Then offer the solution, sex for payment. Would she or wouldn’t she? I love writing and reading erotica, especially if it involves a measure of sexual psychology, the delicious underbelly that takes the act of sex to the next level. In fact CHOICES was such fun to write that the moment I had finished the manuscript I sat down and started the prequel, SECRETS.”

Convent educated from the age of four, Galia Ryan was brought up not to question. Perhaps because of this, she has always been fascinated by all things esoteric and ‘outside the square.’ Originally from Sussex, England and now living in New Zealand with her soul-mate husband and grown-up family, Galia tries to find time between her passions for writing and reading for her other love—travel. There is always a growing list of must-see places. CHOICES is her first novel.  Click here to find Galia on the Web.

Read on for an excerpt:

Adam smiled and offered her a fold of bank notes.

“For you.”

She felt a pang of disappointment. But this was business, after all. What had she expected?

Tucking the money into her handbag, a recent purchase from a very exclusive designer, she wondered which of them would initiate the next move. He was looking at her with enough intensity to see into her soul, but then he lowered his eyes.

“Do you like men looking at your breasts?” he asked.

“Not always.”

He leaned forward and spoke quietly.

“I think the correct answer is ‘yes.’ ”

She nodded in understanding; unable to believe how quickly everything had changed.

“Why don’t you ask whether they please me?” he continued.

She licked her lips. Her mouth was dry. She wasn’t even sure she had the ability to speak.

“Do you find my breasts pleasing?”

“Very much so. But, under the circumstances, I think I would prefer it if we could be a little more down to earth. Why don’t we agree that we will call them tits?”

She shuddered. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t heard the word before. In fact she often used it herself in her line of work.

“Let’s try again.”

“Do you find my tits pleasing?” she asked, swallowing hard over words that were usually so easy for her.

“So much better. Yes, I do. Now let me ask you a question. Would it please you to have them touched?”

“Yes. Please touch them.” Thankfully Chloe had taken over—a professional willing and capable of assuming the role he wanted her to play.

“What exactly would you like me to touch?”

“My tits. Please touch my tits. They are aching so much.”

“Then perhaps it would be better if you removed your clothes.”

She stood and faced him. It had not taken her long to learn how to stage-manage undressing, and her performance was faultless. Naked, she lowered herself onto his lap, making sure he noticed that her nipples were already standing hard and proud. As she had known he would, he placed a hand lightly on each breast.

“Harder,” she demanded, leaning back and closing her eyes as if in pleasure. “Squeeze them.”

His touch was nowhere near enough to satisfy her, even had it been what she wanted.


He removed his hands altogether.

“I’m not sure you really understand your situation, Chloe,” he said. “You are here for my pleasure. Not the other way round.”

“Oh.” She was hugely embarrassed. “Of course. I am so sorry. How may I please you?”

Anna had never misjudged a client so badly.

“I think I would like to see your tits hanging down. Would you place your arms on the back of that chair and lean forward?”

“Of course.”

He stood beside her and cupped each dangling breast in turn, weighing it and feeling the fullness. To her horror she felt herself respond when he grasped a nipple, pulling it downward as if to milk her.

Unable to help herself, she groaned loudly.

“Please control yourself.”

“I’m trying,” she gasped.

He continued to attend to her tits and nipples with one hand while the other rested on her back. Pleasure beyond anything she had known coursed through her, and unintentionally she bucked her hips again.

“Chloe.” She heard his annoyance.

“I’m sorry.” Her voice wavered. She really did want to carry out his wishes; it was after all what she was being paid to do.

“Stand up.”

Her nipples were painfully hard. She waited obediently, hoping that he would touch her again, anything to relieve the ache. He stared openly at the patch of dark hair between her legs.

“Please,” she begged without thinking.

“Have you forgotten already?”

“No.” Her voice shook.

“No, what?”

She had no idea what he wanted from her.

He walked behind her.

“No, Master,” he whispered into her ear.

“No, Master,” she repeated, thankful for the instruction.

“That’s better. Again.”

“No, Master.”

“Now tell me what it is that you haven’t forgotten.”

“That I am here for your pleasure, Master. Not my own.”

“Good. Now we can really begin.”

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