Allegra Jackson: Sex, Booze and Designer Shoes, by Debut Novelist Amelia Benjamin

allegra_jacksonAllegra Jackson: Sex, Booze and Designer Shoes, by Amelia Benjamin ($15.95, 300 pages, ISBN: 978-1-60381-528-4), is an offbeat erotic romance about a successful young businesswoman whose life is turned upside down when her employer offers her riches beyond her wildest dreams in exchange for granting an unthinkable request.

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Blue Ribbon Rating–5: “A divinely sumptuous treat of the senses. I am looking forward to reading more from Amelia Benjamin, whose work is a blend of non-stop drama accentuated by some very hot sex scenes.  You won’t want to miss this spicy tale!” Read more …

–Chris Mead, Romance Junkies

“I loved how confident and uninhibited Allegra turned out to be. I loved her go get ’em attitude, and her ability to take charge in most situations she was in. ‘Sex, Lies and Designer Shoes’ is a great tagline for this book, as it contained all of that and more. The sex scenes were great, and there were a lot of them.”

—Lustful Literature Blog

Allegra Jackson is living high. She’s a successful head hunter for a London modelling agency and at the top of her game in all respects. Now, with the help of her sidekick Oliver, she’s joined the Los Angeles branch of Valentina Blackheart Models to show them how it’s done.

Allegra has a queen-sized appetite for sex, champagne and more sex, and she has no trouble getting what she wants, even though her desires can land her in hot water.

LA itself is a bit of a cultural shock, but Allegra enters new foreign territory when she falls hard for all-American bachelor and real estate mogul Sebastian Beaumont. Life becomes even more confusing when her friend and employer Valentina Blackheart—Allegra’s fifty-something, supremely well preserved double—makes a startling proposition.

Will Allegra accept Valentina’s offer for the sake of financial security, even if it means abandoning her wild lifestyle?

Says Benjamin, “I have always been fascinated by strong, powerful women. There is something quite inspiring about a determined, independent lady who knows what she wants and where she wants to be. I set out to write a fun, romantic book that would appeal to people of all legal ages; hopefully I have achieved that. The other characters are also close to my heart–Oliver especially. I take Allegra to L.A. to clean up a dysfunctional office where more troubles seem to find her. I think readers will be surprised at Allegra. She seems very superficial to begin with, but give her time.”

Amelia Benjamin loves shopping and many things fashion-related, as well as good music, decent people, wonderful friends, and loving family. Allegra Jackson is her first novel. Click here to find Amelia online.

Keep reading for an excerpt:

The restaurant was full of big egos and L.A. bullshit. Walter and I both mingled and said the necessary hellos to people we barely knew and didn’t give two fucks about. Walter understood how to work a room. Networking and talking absolute crap were his specialty. “We must meet up when I’m next in the Hamptons,” he gushed, cosying up to one straight male guest.

“I think I just shot my load,” he whispered, with a laugh.

We were seated in the back dining area after only fifteen minutes.

“They must think you’re Kate Beckensale,” he purred.

“They hear a British accent and go to pieces,” I replied, shrugging off the compliment.

“Hmm now, what are we having?” he said, licking his lips and scanning the menu.

We both tucked into a variety of exquisite French cuisine, including monk fish, quail, escargots, mussels, and pâtés. Lock stock the fucking lot; you name it, we ate it.

We were soon very drunk on red wine and very full.

“I haven’t eaten like that in years,” I piped.

“Splendid, absolutely splendid!” Walter exclaimed, rubbing his protruding stomach. Nodding across the room, he added in a whisper, “There’s a beautiful man staring at you Allegra, and yes, I think, yes, he’s coming over.”

Before I had a chance to react the man was already in my face, “bold as brass,” as my mother would say—usually about my late Nan on my father’s side, whenever she made an unnecessary comment that would leave my mum stifled and belittled. What hurt her most was that my father never said anything, preferring to act blissfully unaware, his head stuffed in the Times.

“Hi, I couldn’t help but notice your beauty,” the man said. “I’m sorry, I have to go, but here’s my card. I would love to take you to dinner sometime.” He smiled and handed me a business card.

Before I had a chance to reply, he had already made tracks.

Walter and I burst into laughter, which had the majority of the restaurant turning their heads to see what all the commotion was about.

Admittedly he was lovely, and I mean very lovely indeed. Tall, lightly tanned, curly dark-blond hair that conformed perfectly to his well-shaped skull. Sparkly blue eyes and the straightest white teeth.

“He smelt edible,” Walter said. He sniffed loudly as if still hoping to capture a lingering whiff of the man’s essence.

“Hmmm,” I said, reading the business card. “It says Sebastian Beaumont of Beaumont Realtors.”

“Beaumont Realtors, did you say? They are big business,” Walter said. “They have marketed half the big estates in L.A.” Walter knew everyone who was anyone, basically.

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