The Education of a Cuckold, a Novel by Alex Hathway

education_cuckoldIn this school, the three Rs stand for ruttin’, ’rithin’, and resignation. Baby, you’re not the cock of the walk.

The Education of a Cuckold: A Story of Love, Lust, and Fate ($12.95, 182 pp, ISBN: 978-1-60381-544-4) is the second novel by Alex Hathaway, author of From Housewife to Cuckoldress, considered by some to be a classic of the genre. Like his first novel, The Education of a Cuckold is brimming with Alex’s usual sly humor and raunchy inventiveness.

4 Stars: “This book was nicely written, had a wonderful positive and inclusive message, and introduced us to the fetish of cuckoldery quite nicely. The story of the hero was the journey here, and his coming to terms with what he thought was a limitation, but it opened a whole new world of exotic fetish pleasures to him was my warm and fuzzy takeaway. Nice job on this, and I am a happy reader today. Recommended.”  Read more ….

–Sylvia Storm, eRead Erotica Reviews

4 Stars: “The Education of a Cuckold does an excellent job of presenting the cuckold fetish in an accurate and erotic manner as it chronicles significant events in the life of Jason, a young man who is sexually insecure due to his diminutive genitalia, from his late teens through his early thirties.”  Read more ….

–Jim Lyon, Blogcritics


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On, Veronica gave From Housewife to Cuckoldress an A+: “A friend of mine into the scene recommended this novella to me, and I have to agree with her, it’s wickedly fun. Most femdom themed novels read like bad Internet porn, and most books featuring themes of cuckolding usually portray the cuckoldress as one dimensional, but not in this case. I could relate to the wife’s predicament completely. It involves her understanding of her natural right, as a woman, to find regular sexual fulfillment. And her undeniable realization that her husband just isn’t enough. Despite the love she has for him, he simply is not her sexual equal.”

Jason is a smart, handsome high school kid, but when he falls hard for Beth, he just can’t drum up enough confidence to bring their close friendship to the next level. Meanwhile he has to watch her date other guys. At the end of the summer before college, Jason finally discovers Beth’s secret: she is sexually voracious. He also makes an uncomfortable discovery about himself: he is too poorly endowed to ever satisfy a woman like Beth. But wait … watching her make it with other men is no small turn-on.

College brings more brutal lessons in humility, and Jason despairs of finding his place in the sexual universe. Then, as he begins his adult life, he meets Kristen and for the first time begins to take his extracurricular studies in submission seriously. Under Kristen’s cruel and compassionate tutelage, he learns exactly what it means to embrace his true cuckold nature.

Alex Hathaway is fascinated by the erotic power of sexual taboos and the adventures that can be had by exploring them. An author whose relationships have evolved from vanilla to anything but, Alex has a particular interest in writing about cuckolding and the unconventional sexual fulfillment it can provide. Click here to find Alex online.

Keep Reading for an excerpt:

A few days into my stay at Beth’s house, all the dominoes fell. I was supposed to be out all night at my buddy Neil’s party. Beth had to work—or so I thought. She was a waitress at Friendly’s, pulling in a few bucks. Plans went awry; Neil’s parents got wind of the party and shut it down early. After knocking softly as usual, I came in the back door of Beth’s house and went into the kitchen. Jamie was there, spooning out of a pint of ice cream.

There were also empty beers cans on the counter. Jamie was known to suck a few drinks down. Alcohol tended to make her even less inhibited—if that was possible. Beth had told me a story once that I wasn’t sure I could believe about Jamie and an ex-boyfriend who had cheated on her. She had allegedly sucked down a six pack and then fucked his arch-rival right in front of him at a party. It was one of those legends that followed her around but without sticking to her like it would most girls.

“Uh-oh,” Jamie said when I came in, looking at me real funny.


“Well, maybe it’s just as well.” With a knowing smile, she added, “Come with me. I think it will be better to, uh, show you.”

I had never been all the way down the narrow hallway where Jamie led me, beyond the guest rooms her family maintained. Toward the end was a basement room their doctor father had turned into a private den, his own sterile version of a man cave. Turns out the girls used it as their “make out room,” sneaking boys into the house whenever he was out of town, or even sometimes when their parents were asleep. There was a back staircase to the den that for some reason had never been completed. It led to a landing the family used for storage, where the boxes were piled high.

Jamie turned off the hall light and quietly opened the door to the landing area, pressing a finger to her lips to shush me. As she opened the door I heard the unmistakable sounds of sex.

It was dark behind the boxes, but Jamie pulled me over to a section that was opened up a little. The boxes had been stacked in a way to allow someone to peer between them and get a good look at the sprawling, half-finished room below. Jamie pulled me over and pointed my head down toward the opening for a good view.

“Brace yourself,” she whispered grimly.

I looked through the opening and saw Beth kneeling down about twenty feet away.

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