Desires, by Galia Ryan: Book 3 of the Luxuria Trilogy

desires Desires ($12.95, 202 pages, ISBN: 978-1-60381-445-4), is the third book in Galia Ryan’s erotic Luxuria Trilogy, which includes Choices and Secrets. Fans of the series should be pleased to know that this is not the last they will hear of Anna and Stephanie. Galia is currently working on a series of short stories to be published as eBook singles, and at least two of these will feature Stephanie and Anna. All six will eventually be published in one volume.

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Desires by Galia Ryan is a combination of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Sex and the City…. It’s sexy and paints a fascinating portrait of the life led by high end escorts. This riveting tale tore me in two as I applauded Anna for being a modern, independent women making pro-active choices, but then cheered when she fell prey to Adam as well. It’s a modern dichotomy to which many women can relate …. You will desperately want this luxurious, fictional universe to be real. The high living lifestyle will sweep you away in a wave of champagne. The action is hot as the main storyline is interspersed with the details of Anna’s ‘dates.’ ”  Read more….

—Margo, Dames Unrestrained Blogspot

“I loved this series revolving around two strong leading females. You will definitely want to read the first two books prior for back history. Once again, this one is full of emotional turmoil between right and wrong, need and desire. If you are looking for something different and a little off the beaten path, I would recommend this series. Overall I give it 4 Stars!”  Read more ….

—My e-Literate Obsession

“I give this book 5 fangs. Step inside the world of high paid escorts. This book tells the tale of one escort and why her clients seek her out. Anna has clients who want her for all sorts of reasons and the author tells you enough about her regulars to give you their reasons. You also get to see how Anna sees these men. One man stands out for Anna though. Adam makes her see herself differently and Anna’s not sure she likes the Anna that Adam brings out.” Read more ….

—Paranormal Romance Authors that Rock

Desires is Book 3 in the Luxuria Trilogy and it doesn’t lose the momentum that Choices (Book 1) and Secrets (Book 2) set! I was so lucky to have all 3 books at my disposal; otherwise it would’ve been driving me crazy with anticipation as to what would happen next!!…. This is a trilogy that will keep you reading from start to finish. I couldn’t put the books down until I found out what I needed to know …. I give the Luxuria Trilogy as a whole…5 Stars!”  Read more ….

—Robin Malone, Book Reads and Reviews

“I definitely would recommend reading this erotic and enticing series. Desires is a great conclusion to the series. Four stars for me.”  Read more ….

—Foxylutely Book Reviews

Anna is one of Elite Escort Agency’s most popular call girls. She is quite comfortable living in the lap of luxury and pleasing a variety of wealthy men on her own terms; however, she longs to return to respectability. Only now she is accustomed to the best of everything. So Anna embarks on a quest to discover what else she is good for, other than dazzling every man who crosses her path.

Anna’s calm is shattered when a former client resurfaces. A few years earlier Adam introduced Anna to bondage and submission. But although he held her in his thrall, Adam overestimated his power. When he demanded total surrender, she cut herself off from him forever. Now Adam is asking to see her again. Initially she refuses, but what can she do? She can’t stop thinking about him.

The owner of Elite, Stephanie, is also haunted by memories of a former lover—Giancarlo, now married and dedicated to charitable work. When, after ten years, they come together once more, neither can resist the pull of their unresolved past, despite the possible consequences to Giancarlo’s career.

Says Ryan, “Anna has made her decision, and this book follows her journey, and to some extent that of Stephanie. Of course, life is never predicable, and just when both women think things are running reasonably smoothly, up pops the unexpected! One of the most enjoyable aspects to this series was to allow a voice to some of the men who shared Anna’s stage by paying for her services as an escort.”

Convent educated from the age of four, Galia Ryan was brought up not to question. Perhaps because of this, she has always been fascinated by all things esoteric and ‘outside the square.’ Originally from Sussex, England and now living in New Zealand with her soul-mate husband and grown-up family, Galia tries to find time between her passions for writing and reading for her other love—travel. There is always a growing list of must-see places. You can find Galia on the Web at

Keep reading for an excerpt:

The club was full of fetish glam. The music was loud, and the red, blue, and green spotlights cleverly angled. Punks and Goths mingled with leather-clad Masters and mistresses. Slaves were being walked around on leashes. Naked breasts were on display everywhere. The crowd was as flamboyant as it was eclectic.

Adam took Anna’s hand, as if sensing her need for reassurance, and led her beneath a stone arch supported by Romanesque columns into a dimly lit room. Splayed across a pummel horse, a woman was moaning her gratitude as a leather strap came down on the quivering flesh of her backside. After watching closely for a moment, he untwined his fingers and settled his hand on her rubber-covered arse instead. It was a proprietary gesture, and the significance was not lost on her.

He leaned closer. “Do you wish you were her?”he wanted to know.


“Lift your dress. I want to feel you.”

The tight rubber had moulded to her body to form a second skin. Before she could do as he’d asked she had to peel it away. It wasn’t easy. The rubber was good quality and difficult to stretch. After a lot of surreptitious pulling and tugging, the dress was high enough to please.

“Much better,” he whispered in her ear.

She felt the warmth of his palm as he stroked and caressed the rounded flesh of her arse, but it was nothing like the heat that had risen into her face. Others would be watching, noting what Adam was doing to her and rating her compliance. She turned slightly to confirm her suspicion and saw a Mistress tug on her slave’s collar and slap his face. She wondered what he might have done to incur such wrath. Stolen a forbidden look at another woman, perhaps?

Adam’s hand wandered farther, finding its way down between her cheeks. Wanting to please, she moved a little and parted her legs to give him better access.

“It turns you on.” His lips formed the words against her neck.

Knowing he was referring to the scene being enacted on the pummel horse, she shook her head.

“No,” she said quietly.

“Perhaps not the thought of pain, but watching has made you wet.”

She was silent.

“Perhaps we should visit the dungeon.”

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