Captured in Croatia, by Christine Edwards: A Spy Caught in the Act Falls for her Captor

captured_croatiaCaught by her quarry’s bodyguard, this sexy spy isn’t talking. Who will win the battle of wills?

Captured in Croatia ($12.95/178 pages/ISBN: 978-1-60381-550-5), by Christine Edwards, is an erotic romance about a corporate spy whose mission goes awry when she is waylaid by her target’s bodyguard.

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5 Stars: “I’m totally a fan of author, Christine Edwards’ work, but Captured In Croatia is by far my favorite of all her books – and I have read them all!  If you are looking for a great read and some smokin’ hot characters, then you have definitely got to check this one out!” Read more ….

—I Love Bookie Nookie Reviews

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4 Stars: “Captured in Croatia offers an exciting read filled with the thrill of being captured, the eroticism of bondage, and the titillation of forced seduction. I’m not talking rape. Zoran doesn’t do anything to Carew that she doesn’t want, no matter how much she’d like to deny it. I thoroughly enjoyed the story from start to finish. It had a nice hook at the beginning and a completely satisfying end. It was well worth my time.”  Read more ….

—Long and Short Reviews

5 Stars: “I am a big fan of Christine Edwards and this book is exactly one of the reasons. Holy hell, this book makes me want to get kidnapped and dominated, but only by a man like Zoran. The chemistry is off of the charts between these two. The book is written extremely well, with twists and turns that you really do not see coming. This is a ‘oh crap, I stayed up way too late’ kind of book.”  Read more ….

–Hines and Bigham’s Literary Tryst

“Christine Edwards is my dealer when it comes to getting my fix for Alpha crack with a little dubious consent that leads into a great romance. Her characters are always well rounded and developed. No immature nonsense and over the top drama. I suck down each book with gusto.”

—Mandy, Raw Books

“Loved it, loved it, loved it. This has to be the best in the series so far; it had me hooked from the very first page. Zoran is just the epitome of an alpha male. He’s broody, domineering, absolute sex on legs and perfect for me. Carew is an awesome character. She does not take any crap from Zoran and gives as good as she gets. The heat that sizzles between these two is just immense.”

—Lynz, Raw Books

4.5 Stars: “This was such a fun, adventurous read …. The characters are well written, not perfect, but flawed just enough. Christine knows just how to tell a story so you are involved from the first page to the last, and I love that about her writing. I’ll keep reading her work as long as she writes. It’s always good and never disappoints.” Read more ….

—Eat, Sleep, Read: Ramblings of a Book Lunatic

5 Stars: “O.M.G Holy Smoking Hot…. This book had me sitting on the edge of my bed … wondering what would happen next … car chases, fighting, and a strong, stubborn headed woman, same as the man. I loved every single minute of it.”  Read more ….

—Anny Books

“A highly erotic read and the interaction and romance building between Carew and Zoran is so steamy to read and a delight to see develop. I love that Zoran is so family orientated and his camaraderie and bond with his brother ‘B’ is lovely …. If you have not picked up any of these books, I highly recommend you do. Well with beautiful scene settings, action packed suspense, a gorgeous feisty heroine and a sexy dominant alpha, what is there not to love? Another acclaimed read from Christine Edwards and a fantastic five star rating from me.”  Read more ….

—Foxylutely Book Reviews

“This is the fourth title I’ve read by Christine Edwards and it was definitely my favorite.  She has a penchant for great, grunty alpha males with a soft side and feisty, smart heroines who don’t always like to listen to good advice.  I think with this volume the author has made some subtle changes in the characters’ approach to situations they are thrown in and it made a notable improvement in how I perceived everything as a whole.  It has everything I look for in an erotic romance; great characters, suspense, drama, and hot sex!”  Read more ….

—Smut and Bonbons

5 Stars: “Hot, hot, hot! Dominant male/submissive female isn’t usually my favorite erotica subgenre, but Edwards made me care about both the hero and the heroine, so I liked the story. The love scenes are out-of-this-world, solar-radiation scorching hot.”  Read more ….

—Erin O’Riordan, Pagan Spirits Blog

“The sex scenes are REALLY hot – but what I found most interesting (guess it was just my mood at the time LOL!) was the insight into the country of Croatia.  Christine Edwards describes areas of the country, foods and language — and makes the reader fall in love with the country as they fall into Carew & Tigar’s love story.”  Read more ….

—Snarky Mom Reads

“This story stars the adrenaline pumping on the first page and it doesn’t stop until the last one…. I devoured this book in one sitting, and want the next one ASAP. Captured in Croatia is a total thrill ride with a strong heroine.” Read more ….

–Red Light Fiction District Blogspot

5 Stars: “If you have not read this author before you should. She writes romance, erotic scenes and the best plots like no other! In the same fashion as her other books the scenery is prominent…. [Zoran] is now my hero! I loved this guy and his brother. If you like a little naughty mixed into a great plot then PLEASE grab this series. The others are just as good. It will keep you guessing until the end!”  Read more ….

—Reading Renee

Captured In Croatia has lots of action and adventure along with intrigue, secrets, captives, martial arts, arguments, steamy, sweaty romance from an unlikely source and ultimately love.  The descriptions of the house, the grounds, the park and the nightclub were so vivid I felt I was there.”  Read more ….

—Jo, Romance Junkies

“Action, Adventure,a hot alpha man, and a smart sexy woman! What more can you ask for? How about lots of rolling in the sheets, and on the floor, and in the shower….you get the idea. I have enjoyed every single one of Christine’s books but, Captured in Croatia was the best so far…. This is her hottest book yet, and I can’t wait to see what Christine has in store for her readers next!”  Read more ….

—Kerry Pacious, Romance in the Highlands Blog

10 Stars and 10 Hearts: “Christine did it again, wait no she freaking knocked it out of the park. I am so over the moon over this book. How she can write a story that is on the edge of so many wicked things but turn it into a blazing beautiful romance is just a mystery to me. One moment I’m terrified and my heart is racing. The next my blood is pumping for a whole different reason.”  Read more ….

—Nichole’s Sizzling Pages

5 Stars: “I totally fell in love with Zoran. Even with all his dominating ways. He continually showed how much he truly cared for Carew. The best part is always when a kick-ass, strong-willed heroine like Carew finally submits to a Dom like Zoran, who will treasure what she is giving to them by submitting. I absolutely loved the romantic suspense storyline of this book, and as always I’ll be anticipating the next book from Christine Edwards!”  Read more ….

—Steph’s Sizzling Pages Reviews

5 Stars: “This book has everything – action, intrigue, searing passion and a fabulous HEA! Now I have to read the whole series.”

—Agents of Romance

“Christine is one of my new must-buy authors…. The chemistry between Zoran and Carew is HOT! I was loving every minute of it. But this is not just an erotic story about a man and woman. There’s some danger, intrigue and suspense.”  Read more ….

—My Secret Romance Book Reviews

“The author did a great job blending the romance and intrigue aspects of the story.  The character development and the surrounding story lines made the story that much more enjoyable.  I can’t wait to read the rest of Christine’s books.”  Read more ….

—Carmie, Forever Me Romance

Corporate spy Carew Sloan is sent to Zagreb, Croatia, to retrieve information for a private intelligence agency. Carew’s beauty and talent for computer decryption make her the natural choice for this sensitive mission. After charming her mark, Vasilije Juric, in one of Zagreb’s swanky dance clubs, Carew finds herself in Juric’s bedroom. It will take only a moment to gather the information she was sent for and make her escape. Or so she thinks.

Unfortunately for Carew, Juric has a keen-eyed bodyguard, Zoran, who pegged her instantly as trouble. After a high speed chase, he retrieves Carew from her wrecked car. Rather than turn the stunning spy over to his merciless boss, Zoran takes matters into his own hands and keeps the girl … as his captive. Zoran’s keen intelligence, striking features, and powerful physique prove hard to resist, and soon their mutual hostility takes a backseat to the torrent of lust neither can deny.

Will Carew follow her heart, even it means losing her livelihood? What other dangers await them both beyond Zoran’s lair?

Says Christine, “The Plitvice National Park, in the south of Croatia, hosts sixteen turquoise-colored lakes, all connected by stunning waterfalls. The park is truly an awe-inspiring place in both tranquility as well as scenic beauty. What better location for the majority of my novel to takes place?”

Christine Edwards grew up in the Deep South on Hilton Head Island, SC. At an early age she developed a passion for the arts that led her to earn a bachelor’s degree in Art History from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Christine has a special place in her heart for reading and writing erotic tales. Captured in Croatia is her third novel. Her main focus is on loving, multi-faceted relationships involving intense alpha males and feisty heroines. She adores snow skiing, traveling the world, and spending time with her amazing family. Christine currently resides in the sleepy coastal town of Beaufort, SC. You can find Christine online at

Keep reading for an excerpt:

I can’t help but take two steps away from him. In the daylight he is a giant of a man. His tailored suit is merely a polite disguise to help him blend into society. He’s clearly living in the wrong time period, I think, because anyone can see that he is a fierce warrior sprung to life in the twenty-first century.

His chiseled jaw lifts ever so slightly. “Up the stairs.”

Will I ever grow accustomed to his husky, growling voice? In a daze, I turn and climb the wide flight of stairs. My small feet pad silently as I make my ascent to God-knows-where. The wood on the floors is ancient and weathered but immaculately clean and quite pretty. How old is this place?

I come to a dead stop at the top of the staircase and stare in awe. Unless it was built with this sprawling, open design in mind, it seems as if all the interior walls on the second floor were demolished to create one vast space. It’s the size of at least four large bedrooms rolled into one. Two sets of enormous windows allow for sunlight to spill in, blanketing the distressed wood floors. There’s a large boxy structure built in the center of the space. Through the glass, I can see that it’s a freestanding, oversized shower; the frosted glass wall behind it must hide the rest of the bathroom.

In the right corner of the room rests a massive king-sized bed set in a beautifully carved, dark walnut four-post frame. Stark white sheets and a matching comforter neatly cover the high mattress. Behind the bed, the interior stone wall is at least fifteen feet in height. Stunning. Wood rafters painted a light gray crisscross the ceiling. They give the room a clean, loft-like feel.

This space must be close to fifteen-hundred square feet. As I look around, I note that aside from the bed and the wood floor, just about everything is either white, gray, or glass. Even the wide fireplace mantle is a pale hue, maybe a birch or pine. Cut logs rest neatly in a brown leather sling on the striated marble hearth.

“Follow me.”

He steps around me and strides toward the far side of the vast room. We round the corner to the modern shower that features a foot-wide rainforest showerhead and two limestone benches. Smooth pebbles in shades of soft cream and tan make up the floor of the cavernous space. There is no door, just a six inch tiled step.

As I’m taking everything in, he addresses me in his commanding voice. “Take everything off and shower. You need to clean those cuts. You have exactly five minutes.”

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