Nordic Lessons, by Christine Edwards: An Alpha Male Meets His Match

nordic_lessonsThis well-heeled British beauty never thought she’d end up bound to a biker.

Nordic Lessons ($13.95/216 pages/ISBN: 978-1-60381-552-9) is an erotic romance about a Londoner visiting Norway whose world is turned upside down when she falls in love with the head of a motorcycle club. Nordic Lessons is the second book in the Northern Lights series, which began with Naughty in Norway.

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5 Stars: “If you are jonesing for a new motorcycle club to fall in love with, then look no further than author Christine Edwards’ new release, Nordic Lessons …. Mikkel is definitely ‘book-boyfriend’ worthy. He is everything I crave in my erotic romance reads. He’s rough, but gentle. He’s funny, but serious. He is fiercely protective of what he deems as ‘his.’”  Read more ….

–I Love Bookie Nookie Reviews

5 Stars: “With kickass characters, smoking HOT sexy scenes, I highly recommend this book to my friends that love a little of BDSM in their books. Great job Christine Edwards, I definitely have found a new author that I will be keeping an eye on for new books!” Read more ….

—Fire and Ice Book Reviews

5 Stars: “Wow what to say about this one. It took me a bit by surprise and in such a good way. Nordic Lessons is hot, sexy, sultry, and just plain and simply scorching! I wear my kindle was so steamed up I was afraid it was going to die on me. This is one of those books that just gets your attention and doesn’t let it go! I didn’t want it to end at all!!! When it did end I was so close to just starting it back over so that I would get a little bit more.”  Read more ….

—Love’s a Book

5 Stars: “WOW!! Let’s just say this book was not what I was expecting when I started it, but it more than delivered. It blew every expectation I had away and just got better and better. From the very beginning it pulled me in and seized my attention and held me captivated till the end.”  Read more ….

—Intriguing Authors and Their Books Blog

5 Stars: “Nordic Lessons is another erotic powerhouse from Christine Edwards!  She absolutely captivates with her sweet Alpha males and action packed story lines.  But it’s her molten hot love scenes that literally steal your breath away and keep you reading far beyond any sane bedtime – and she just keeps getting better…”  Read more ….

—Agents of Romance

“The Dom/Sub scenes are sinfully good without being out of control or off the wall. This book is hot enough to melt an iceberg!”  Read more….

—Kerry’s Review, GoodReads

“If you think bikers are hot, wait until you meet Mikkel. Freaking heck, I was in heaven reading this book. There is not a thing about it that I didn’t like. Mikkel alone makes Nordic Lessons a 5-star read for me, but then Ms. Edwards makes the book a complete reading pleasure with every other element. I adore Elora. She is sweet and after getting over her initial shock of encountering a modern-day warrior, she sees past Mikkel’s exterior to the man within. She is as drawn to him as he is to her. They complement one another beautifully and this makes for some seriously hot sex scenes, especially as Mikkel teaches Elora to tap into her submissive nature. Add to the beauty that is Mikkel, Ms. Edwards includes a great cast of characters – including one uncomfortably realistic bad guy.”  Read more ….

—Crystal’s Many Reviewers

“Christine Edwards always gives me what I want. Bossy, Protective, Possessive and Loyal heroes! Heroines that have just the amount of sass and all the passion for these dominant lovers to make perfect matches every time …. I was holding my breath at times and was so sad when [Nordic Lessons] ended. I am so pleased with this sexy story and eagerly await the next passionate couple from Christine. She never lets us down.”  Read more ….

—Nichole’s Sizzling Pages

“Some fantastically hot action from Mikkel & Elora, both in bed & out! The Dom/Sub scenes are sinfully good without being out of control or off the wall. This book is hot enough to melt an iceberg!”  Read more ….

–I am a Book Addict… and Proud of It

“This was one hot lush sexy read and although I’m not a lover of the ‘master’ play I couldn’t help but fall for Mikkel. The romance was a fast build up with both quickly realising this was more than a casual thing. The D/s was immediately established and both finding what they had been yearning for.”  Read more ….

—Foxylutely Blogspot

“Excuse me while I sit in front of a fan for a few minutes because this book is HOT, HOT, HOT! …. For a quick read it was surprisingly character driven instead of a fast paced hardcore sex kind of book, but it wasn’t a bad thing, in fact I kind of liked getting to know the characters past and present instead of just a crazy wild night of wicked fun. However, you do definitely get your wicked fun here.”  Read more ….

—The Book Blog at the End of the Universe

“Scandinavian sex gods! **sigh** Mikkel is the ultimate Alpha Viking. He knows what he wants and doesn’t mince words with telling others what he wants. Elora is just what he’s been waiting for. She’s been yearning for a relationship like this and jumps in, boots and all, in this torrid affair. A well written, fast paced, action packed and sensual story has me certainly looking at this author’s other works. A hot and sexy read.”  Read more ….

—Book Lovin’ Junkie

“My goodness I love this book, hot alpha male who is not only commanding but also a protector/provider. Wait did I also mention he is a hot Norwegian Motorcycle president, a chivalrous one at that. Elora is funny and witty, but also just as strong as Mikkel is. For a romantic erotica, it is the one of the better ones I have had the pleasure of reading.”  Read more ….

—Fab, Fun, and Tantalizing Reads

4.5 stars: “This was my introduction to Author Christine Edwards and I am now kicking myself for not finding her sooner ~ she writes my Alphas just the way I like them; gruff, possessive, badass, a little sweet and a whole lot dirty. And her leading ladies are not mindless doormats with no personality which is a huge turn-on for me.”  Read more ….

—Bookworm Betty

“This isn’t a gritty MC biker story – the story is lighter, with only some drama, the main focus being on Mikkel and Elora’s relationship – which I absolutely loved.”  Read more ….

—Steph’s Sizzling Pages

“I absolutely LOVED this book. I was addicted from the first page, unable to put my Kindle down to eat or even sleep. The writing is great. The intense chemistry between Elora and Mikkel makes you feel like you are living in the story. And wow, this book was HOT, HOT, HOT! And to top it off he is the President of a motorcycle club. This book will definitely make you call your significant other to bed early!!”  Read more ….

–Hines and Bigham’s Literary Tryst

“I don’t know what to say in this review that I haven’t said before about Christine Edwards and her books. They are everything you want in a smart, sexy book. Today’s market is flooded with books. But finding the ones that are well written and well edited are getting to be few and far between. Christine Edwards takes it up a notch and gives you well researched, well developed characters, well planned storylines and well, hot sex.”  Read more ….

–Raw Books online

“I loved this book! It’s the perfect example of a dom/sub relationship!”  Read more ….

–For the Love of Books

“The love scenes between Elora and the elusive Mikkel are hot enough to burn  up the sheets.  I really enjoyed both of these characters and to watch as they got to know each other. Mikkel is awesome.  He is alpha but has a sweet side to him. He is gentle but at the same time dominant. Elora is sassy and spirited.   The chemistry was off the charts.”  Read more ….

—Read That! Blog

Elora is a cultivated Londoner visiting her brother in Oslo, Norway. With her brother away on business, she decides to do without his permission and borrow his classic Jaguar to take in the sights. But when she pulls over to the side of the road to take pictures, the car won’t start up again. In a blind panic, Elora has nowhere to turn, until a warrior of a man stops to help her. A massive, handsome hunk of a man, clad head to toe in black leather.

Elora has never encountered anyone like Mikkel. As much as he frightens her, she realizes she is out of options. Then comes the exhilarating journey home on his custom ride, and Elora falls hard for her knight in leather armor, an alpha male eager to teach her the rules of Dom/sub relationships. Mikkel is head of his motorcycle club, and in the days that follow, Elora becomes increasingly entangled in the culture of bondage, bikes, and club rivalries. But how can Elora fully commit to a man whose world might as well exist on another planet?

Says Christine, “Writing this novel got meet thinking about the appeal of the strong heroine and the alpha male. It all comes down to balance. Many of us are drawn like magnets to deliciously dominant alpha males, yet without a leading lady who can stand up to him, the preliminary vibrating tension between them would never hold up. The hero needs that wild spirit to challenge him, to keep things in check so the scale never tips completely in his favor.”

Christine Edwards grew up in the Deep South on Hilton Head Island, SC. At an early age she developed a passion for the arts that led her to earn a bachelor’s degree in Art History from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Christine has a special place in her heart for reading and writing erotic tales. Her main focus is on loving, multi-faceted relationships involving intense alpha males and feisty heroines. She adores snow skiing, traveling the world, and spending time with her amazing family. Christine currently resides in the sleepy coastal town of Beaufort, SC. Click here to find Christine online.

Keep Reading for an excerpt:

A surprised gush of breath leaves my lungs as his hands grasp each of my bare, chilled thighs to give a possessive squeeze before he dismounts.

“Enjoy the ride?”

I dismount with his assistance, quickly remove the elastic and sift my fingers through my braid, setting my red hair free once again. With my heart still pounding fiercely like a Japanese Taiko drum, I tell him—and I know I’m gushing—“Yes, there’s such a sense of power being on your motorcycle. Although I have to admit, I’m relieved that you’re the one driving. It seems like it would be far too much power for me to handle between my legs.”

Oh no, oh shit!

I watch his expression change the second the unintended double entendre leaves my lips. His eyes are smoldering, his breathing is more rapid. A perfect mask of male lust stares down at me. He’s absolutely stunning. His huge, hot palm reaches forward to glide through my hair, firmly cupping the back of my bare neck. He leans down several inches, closing any distance between us.

In a thick whisper, he says very slowly, “Oh, I have no doubt you can handle all that power perfectly, Elora.”

Muffled, thumping sounds of rock music engulf us as we become lost in each other’s eyes.

The heady moment is broken when he suddenly lets his eyes slide shut, drags in a deep breath, and changes the subject. “You’re proving to be the ultimate distraction, min skjønne. And I’m not easily influenced. We need to move now, we’re already over an hour late.”

Without another word, he grabs hold of my hand and turns to climb the steep flight of wooden steps. I glance out over the parking lot. Not a space to be had. There must be over a hundred people here.

He stops before the solid black door and turns to face me, his warm fingers threading confidently through mine. “I’m tending bar tonight, Elora, but I’m gonna place you right in my line of sight and introduce you to some quality friends. That work for you babe?”

“That’s fine, Mikkel.”

He lowers his body down farther to whisper against my parted lips, “My girl’s so fucking sweet.”

His girl? Yes, I absolutely adore that.

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