A Walk in the Park, by Ellen March: A Beauty and her Malamutes Clash with the Rich Guy Next Door

walk_parkTory’s life was going to the dogs when she met Cole, the ultimate alpha male. Can she tame him?

A Walk in the Park ($13.95, 208 pages, ISBN: 978-1-60381-570-3), is a contemporary erotic romance with elements of suspense by Ellen March. While hiding from a killer, a young woman must care for her brother’s rowdy dogs while resisting the advances of a notorious rake.

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“Ellen March has a fun writing style and I enjoyed the humor she sprinkles liberally throughout. Life is funny and March’s writing captures the real, but funny, parts of falling in love and getting through life. Dog lovers will especially enjoy this book thanks to Moses and the rest of the four legged characters.”  Read more….

–Mandy’s Bookshelf

Ellen March’s erotic romances pit gutsy heroines against stubborn alpha males and include a large dose of quirky British humor:

Love on the Menu is a funny and delightful read from page one to the end. Woven with humor, excitement, sex, and mystery, this will keep you on your toes just wondering which shoe will drop next.” —Fresh Fiction

Ghost of an Affair (4 Blue Ribbons): “This story is very different from anything I have read in the past. The storyline once I got into it was very interesting by itself. The erotic sex was something to ponder over as well and it all works together to make a good read.” —Romance Junkies

His Girl Friday: “A delightful read. I absolutely LOVED Sally and Paul the gardener…. This book was one third romance, one third erotic, and one third comedy!” —A Well-Read Woman

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Tory’s mother gave her twelve “fathers.” Tory gave her heart to each one of them, only to have it trampled. Now she wants nothing to do with romance. Though breathtakingly beautiful, she lives hand to mouth and has made up her mind to muddle through as best she can without a man.

Then Tory’s life is disrupted yet again. Witness to a murder and fearing retribution, she retreats to a rental cottage to care for her brother’s Alaskan malamutes—dogs famous for their destructive ways, combativeness, and noisy “wooing.” It doesn’t take long for Cole, whose cottage next door serves as a refuge from his business empire, to beat the door down, intending to read her the riot act. At the sight of the dogs’ delectable caretaker, his fury quickly evaporates and is replaced by a resolve to get her into his bed. Cole is any girl’s dream man but also her worst nightmare. Gorgeous multi-millionaire he may be; he’s also a notorious cad. The fact that Tory doesn’t care either way makes him all the more determined to conquer her.

Irresistible Cole may be, but he’s never met the likes of Tory and her five malamute charges.

Says Ellen, “As the proud mother of Alaskan malamutes, I’ve always wanted to include those dogs in a story. They have such a talent for mayhem, so who better to upend the too-settled life of a notorious rake? And who better to tame him than a wonderful woman like Tory, whose life has taught her to mistrust love of any kind and whose priorities are staying alive and finding her next meal?”

Ellen March is the pen name of Helen Duggan. She and her husband live on top of a mountain in Wales, which is ideal in the summer but not so much in the winter months or when it rains. She has three grown children, one suicidal cat—it really does have nine lives—and three Alaskan Malamutes. One of her hobbies is showing and working them. Ellen’s first love, however, is reading and writing. Since childhood, she has devoured every romance and fantasy she can get her hands on and enjoys acting out her own fantasies in print. Her body of work includes erotic romance, psychological thrillers, and supernatural fantasies. Fanny Press has published five of her erotic romances and will be publishing more in 2015 and beyond. Click here to find Ellen online.

Keep reading for an excerpt:

“That’s a dog?” Cole stared in shock at the huge mass of fur—more like an incredibly shaggy pony—unable to take his eyes off it.

“Nope, that’s my sister; the other one’s a dog,” teased Matt. But looking at the blond man, he could see his comment had sailed over his head.

“What is it?” Transfixed by the mammoth animal, he didn’t even notice the woman holding him.

“An Alaskan Malamute. There’s another four in the back of the van.” Studying with interest the look of horror on the man’s face, Matt called out, “Fetch Moses on up.”

“Moses?” he repeated. Cole was beginning to feel like a blithering idiot. One minute he’s sitting, enjoying the peaceful countryside and sunshine, and the next he’s facing an indefinite future putting up with monster dogs and hippies. It had to be some kind of sick joke.

“Yep, the rest are Cain, Abel, Mary, and Pussy—I didn’t like the name Magdalene.” Matt grinned as he watched Moses drag his sister towards them, hanging onto his lead for dear life as the dog made a beeline for the stranger.

Cole’s lips pursed with disgust at the dog’s slobbering open mouth, now mere inches from his own. It was standing up, paws resting on his shoulders. Its breath, hot and rancid, ripped over him.

A large pink tongue snaked out and licked his neck. Cole shivered in disgust. He dreaded to think where it had been. “Get off,” he shouted, trying to push him back and finding the dog as immovable as a wall.

Suddenly he was free, and the body of the girl slammed into him as she was spun round. His hands automatically snaked out to catch her. They linked around her waist, holding her steady, until he found himself looking down into black eyes. They flashed over him, glowing in a pale face taut with anger.

“Get your hands off me,” she hissed between clenched teeth, surprised by the unexpected feel of his hard body against hers.

Instantly letting her go, he felt as if an electric shock had gone through him. Her reaction was so obviously hostile …. Suddenly his interested was piqued.

He noticed for the first time her patrician features and long red hair, and when he dropped his gaze, he saw that she wore no bra. Her dark nipples were shaded against the cream of the T-shirt. She was tall for a female, and slim as a reed, yet still had a shapeliness that made her all woman.

A sly smile curved Cole’s lips. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad having her as a neighbour after all. He looked forward to the summer evenings and long nights—she would need some company—and his earlier resolve of not playing close to home was forgotten.

She wouldn’t be here for long—just long enough to feed his appetite. It was a perfect opportunity for a short liaison without any complications.


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