A Heart’s Breath, by Ellen March: A Billionaire’s Bet Backfires

hearts_breathBillionaire Micah never refuses a challenge. Luckless Savannah just wants a fresh start. When she inherits a strip club, their worlds collide.

A Heart’s Breath ($14.95, 222 pages, ISBN: 978-1-60381-264-1) is Ellen March’s latest contemporary erotic romance. When Savannah inherits a strip club, she meets the man of her dreams—if only he weren’t gay. Perhaps he can still save her from the people who want her dead.

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Ellen March’s erotic romances pit gutsy heroines against stubborn alpha males and include a large dose of quirky British humor:

A Walk in the Park: “Life is funny and March’s writing captures the real, but funny, parts of falling in love and getting through life. Dog lovers will especially enjoy this book thanks to Moses and the rest of the four legged characters.”  —Mandy’s Bookshelf

Love on the Menu is a funny and delightful read from page one to the end. Woven with humor, excitement, sex, and mystery, this will keep you on your toes just wondering which shoe will drop next. Hot passion between these two will keep you glued to the pages.” —Fresh Fiction

A Ghost of an Affair: “To anyone who enjoys a romance set around a hospital and its staff, along with a hunky ghost who becomes very territorial towards his woman, you will want to read this story.”  —Romance Junkies

One Night Only: “Ellen March did a wonderful job in telling this story with humor and witty comebacks.” –Fresh Fiction

His Girl Friday: “A delightful read. I absolutely LOVED Sally and Paul the gardener. They were absolutely hilarious![….] This book was 1/3 romance, 1/3 erotic, and 1/3 comedy!” —A Well-Read Woman

Promises: “Ellen March is a new author for me. I really enjoyed her writing style and the quirkiness of her characters.”  —Fresh Fiction

Will Savannah ever escape her hard-luck life, working as a waitress and caring for her younger brother Cato? Her luck seems to change when she inherits a strip club. The former owner, her godmother, required that all male employees be gay. So when Savannah meets her new security guard, devastatingly handsome Micah, she naturally assumes he is off-limits. Little does she know that he is a womanizing billionaire masquerading as a gay security guard to win a bet. Micah’s wager requires that he have no access to his money, and his apparent poverty is part of what draws Savannah to him, her new “BGF”: Big Gay Friend.

Micah can’t keep up the gay act for long, not with Savannah prancing around, oblivious to her effect on him. He is determined to confess that he is straight and seduce her. Then, after the term of the bet is up, he will move on. But his curvaceous and sweet yet volatile boss is not so easily set aside.

Micah has another reason to linger: to keep Savannah safe. Someone is trying to kill her, and strong-willed Savannah is not easy to protect. She also values the truth above all else, so how will she react when the extent of his deceit is revealed?

Says Ellen, “I’ve always loved stories with women trampled by life finally getting a break. Then of course you have to throw in some roadblocks. Savannah is not your typical model material. I think readers get tired of all the perfect heroines. Of course she has the qualities that count: she’s generous and honest to a fault. Expecting the same in others is her first mistake.”

Ellen March is the pen name of Helen Duggan. She and her husband live on top of a mountain in Wales, which is ideal in the summer but not so much in the winter months or when it rains. She has three grown children, one suicidal cat—it really does have nine lives—and two Alaskan Malamutes. One of her hobbies is showing and working them. Ellen’s first love, however, is reading and writing. Since childhood, she has devoured every romance and fantasy she can get her hands on and enjoys acting out her own fantasies in print. Her body of work includes erotic romance, psychological thrillers, and supernatural fantasies. Click here to find Ellen online. Or like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

Keep reading for an excerpt:

“If you weren’t gay you’d be in there,” she said, trying to tamp down the green demon.

“I know,” he agreed, then swam towards the steps and left the water.

Savannah wished he’d stayed put. She also wished her lungs would exhale. Because she’d forgotten to breathe.

Her gaze was drawn to his body—to his package, to be exact. She scrunched her eyes closed at his sexy swagger. His hips should be arrested for indecency. Then she switched her attention to his lunchbox, and Christ but he could feed the starving. He is so not available, she reminded herself.

Savannah sucked in her frustration. “I want to talk to you.”

Micah picked up a towel and rubbed it over his body in slow swipes, all the while watching her to gauge her reaction. He noted the way her eyes constantly flickered over him, across his crotch.

After each inspection, she blushed. Micah found that baffling but endearing.

All his women were seasoned and knew the score, their innocence long forgotten. Her reaction confused him. Why would she flush with obvious embarrassment? At her age—mid to late twenties—she must have been in a number of sexual relationships, he reasoned. “Go ahead,” he said. Micah buried any images of another male thrusting into her, along with a sudden glut of pure, white-hot anger.

Dropping to the nearby seat, he leaned back and waited.

She sucked in a deep breath. This was so not the conversation she’d thought she’d be having with her BGF. “It’s to do with what you did to me last night.”

A frown settled over him as he wondered if he was going to face the sack again. But this time it wasn’t losing the bet that bothered him.

It was leaving her alone.

A disturbing emotion was digging its claws in. Normally he didn’t care about anyone. And now? In a sharp space of time she was evoking everything alien. “I was teaching you a lesson in manners. Got a problem with that?”

“Well actually, no. I, um, I well, I, oh shit …. Look, I liked it, okay?” Her cheeks flamed bright red.

Micah swallowed. It wasn’t what he was expecting. He casually draped the towel over his growing erection. He slanted his head, waiting. He knew she hadn’t finished and was curious as to where it was leading.

Savannah wished he’d speak, make it easier, instead of looking at her with that sinfully sexy expression, his lush lips curving into a slow smile. “I’d like to do it again. That is, I mean, if you don’t mind. If I’m not, well, if I’m not bothering you too much.”

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