We Make Our Own Rules, a Cuckold Odyssey #3 by Rob Matthews

we_rulesTwo cuckolds, two hotwives, and one stud. Is there room for a sixth player in this game?

We Make Our Own Rules ($12.95, 152 pages, ISBN: 978-1-60381-478-2) is the third book in Rob Matthews’ Cuckold Odyssey Series, which began with Come Home with Us and continued with I Can Do It Better. As Rob and Tina continue to explore the world of cuckoldry, Rob worries that Tina’s stud Adam is playing a dangerous game that will destroy their marriage.

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“One thing I truly love about Mr Matthews books is that not only is he a terrific writer of erotica, he is also a fantastic story teller. When I pick up one of his books I know it’s going to be hot and sexy, but what is even better is that I know he is going to tell me a great story. I know he is going to create characters who have depth and complexity; characters that I will care about, love, or even hate. His stories are interesting and entertaining as well as being steamy, and We Make Our Own Rules does not disappoint in any way.”

—Shaun Putaine, Putaine’s Musings

‘Tina had never questioned her sexuality. She’d started dating boys at an early age and never looked back—except in our fantasies.’

In the beginning, there was married couple Rob and Tina, trying to navigate the rules of the cuckold universe. After they befriended another cuckold/hotwife couple, Ben and Emma, things grew more complicated. Two years after their odyssey began, Adam, a stud who is eerily perceptive and vague on the details of his background, threatens to take Rob’s place in Tina’s heart as well as her bed. When Rob hears Tina refer to her husbands, plural, and Adam orchestrates the increasing involvement of Ben and Emma in their cuckold games, Rob can’t shake the feeling that lines have been crossed and rules broken. Part of him misses their earlier cuckold adventures when, no matter what scenario played out, at the end of the day it was just Rob and Tina and their dog, Boris.

But when Rob meets sexy young goth, Charlotte, he’s tempted to redefine the rules himself. Or is Charlotte more interested in showing Tina a whole new path for a cuckoldress to go down?

Rob Matthews was born in London. He divides his time between Britain and the United States. He lives with his wife Tina and their dog Boris. Coming soon: a book about interracial cuckoldry, set in England, as well as the next instalment of A Cuckold Odyssey. Follow Rob on Facebook and Twitter: facebook.com/robertpatrickmatthews; @robandtina1.

Keep reading for an  excerpt:

‘So if I understand what you’re both saying,’ he said, turning back to Tina, ‘you find it easier to explore the darker areas of your sexuality with someone other than Rob, because Rob loves you?’

She took a moment to consider this, then nodded. ‘Yes, that’s right. When Adam uses his fingernail to scratch the word “WHORE” into my ass, I feel like he means it. Rob would write, “WHORE but you’re not really—you’re the love of my life.” And I’m not sure you can fit all that on my butt.’

He leaned back in his chair with the triumphant look of a prosecutor who’s found the weak point in the defense. ‘In that case, why would you fall in love with Adam? It goes against what you say you want.’

Tina sighed and threw up her hands. ‘I suffer from a psychological condition called being human. We don’t always get to decide who we fall in love with.’

‘If you find yourself equally in love with both men, won’t you find it equally hard to experiment?’

This was Tina’s opportunity to say, ‘Equally in love? Impossible! No one could ever equal Rob, my king amongst men.’ But she didn’t. What she said was, ‘That’s one of the problems.’

‘So wouldn’t it make sense to back off from Adam? Focus on Rob for a while.’

I liked this idea and nodded approvingly, but she gave him one of her wicked looks. ‘When Adam rips my underwear and tells me he’d rather be with my friend, it feels so … wrong!’

I didn’t think the word “wrong” had ever been spoken in such a positive way.

‘Let’s try an experiment,’ he said. ‘Rob, tell Tina in what ways Emma is better than her.’

My brain froze. ‘I suppose,’ I faltered, ‘Emma’s slimmer.’

‘And that makes Emma sexier?’ he prompted.

‘Not for me,’ I said. ‘I prefer Tina’s womanly body any day.’

He shook his head and looked disappointed. ‘Is Emma prettier than Tina?’

Feeling uncomfortable, I rubbed my hands together. ‘Emma’s pretty, sure. She’s got glossy black hair, dark brown eyes, and a cute little bump on the bridge of her nose.’

‘You obviously find her attractive.’

‘He does, doesn’t he?’ said Tina, looking at me sourly.

I added quickly, ‘But Tina’s very attractive too. She’s got a great body and a beautiful face. She’s gorgeous.’

Tina smiled and nodded as if I’d redeemed myself. He just said, ‘I see what you mean. You’re not very good at insulting her. Let me try.’ He turned to Tina, and said with professional detachment, ‘Tina, you’re an old slut next to Emma.’

Tina tried to look outraged, but her pupils dilated and she opened her mouth slightly, running her tongue along her top lip.



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