Black and Blue, An Interracial Cuckold Tale by Rob Matthews

black_blueShe’s a wild girl trying to be good, but what if her husband doesn’t want her to be? Meeting Tray, a charming black American, makes Kelly see just what is missing from her marriage.

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Black and Blue: An Interracial Cuckold Tale (ISBN: 978-1-60381-750-9, $12.95, 144 pages) is Rob Matthews’s latest innovative and provocative contribution to the cuckold erotica genre.

“Mr Matthews weaves a terrific story that draws the reader in and keeps them engaged throughout. The character development is outstanding, the description of scenes and action paints a picture for the reader as the story unfolds. This is an erotic tale and the erotic scenes are steamy with fantastic descriptions and details that ramp up the sexiness without being over the top.Read more….

–Putaine’s Musings

Rob is also the author of the Cuckold Odyssey: Come Home with Us, I Can Do It Better, and We Make Our Own Rules.

When she married Edward, Kelly was determined to put her wild past behind her. Everyone was surprised when he chose her. He grew up in a posh English family and dated “nice” girls. Kelly, with her lush figure, working-class background, and highly sexed nature does not fit that description.

One night at a club in Cambridge, Kelly meets Tray, a handsome and charming black American stationed at the nearby Air Force base. While the old Kelly would have fallen into bed with Tray immediately, she resists, because married women don’t do that sort of thing. But her husband wants the old Kelly back. Edward is fascinated with the cuckold scene, and would love nothing more than to watch his wife having sex with a big, black man. But if this fantasy becomes reality, will their marriage survive? All the interracial cuckold websites promise, “Once you go black, you never go back.” Can Kelly continue to be a faithful wife or will Tray prove irresistible?

Rob Matthews was born in London and divides his time between Britain and the United States. He lives with his wife Tina and their dog Boris. Follow Rob on Facebook and Twitter:; @robandtina1.

Keep reading for an excerpt:

She lay down on the bed. She expected him to lie next to her, but instead, he stood in the middle of the room and started taking his clothes off. Lifting her head, she watched as he unbuttoned his shirt. She held her breath as she saw his torso for the first time. He was in good shape. It wasn’t a gym rat’s body, but rather the body of a man who did manual work every day. His pecs and biceps were well developed, but they didn’t bulge impossibly and they weren’t covered with stringy veins. His skin was a warm brown and his chest and arms were covered with a fuzz of short black curls. Taking off his trousers, he revealed white boxer shorts. His thighs were strong and covered with longer hairs. There was no doubt his body was better than Edward’s. As soon as that thought crossed her mind, a different voice in her head said, Yes, Edward. Remember him? Your husband? So, what are you doing in another man’s bedroom, watching him undress?

She wished that voice had spoken up earlier, before she’d come upstairs. She could tell Tray to stop, put his clothes back on, and drive her home. But he might get angry. He’d definitely want to know why. And she didn’t want to admit that she’d pretended to be single to get free drinks out of him. So instead, she decided to try something she used to do when she was a child. Her head was already on the pillow so all she had to do was close her eyes and breathe heavily.

‘Kelly,’ said Tray, softly. ‘Kelly, are you asleep?’ She didn’t say anything. He paused for a moment, then added, ‘People aren’t usually this bored when I take my clothes off.’

Still, she said nothing. After a minute, Tray chuckled and said, ‘Oh, man.’ He switched the light out and lay down beside her. Kelly kept her eyes shut but was alert to anything he might do. Would he take advantage of a sleeping woman? And what could she do if he did? He was obviously a strong guy, so she couldn’t ….

She heard a quiet snore from the pillow beside her.

Her first reaction was surprise. She couldn’t think of any other man who would do this. Edward would at least have taken the opportunity to look down her t-shirt.

Catching up with Rob Matthews, author of the Cuckold Odyssey Series

Why is book 3 of A Cuckold Odyssey called We Make Our Own Rules?

we_rulesMost cuckold relationships have rules. Rule 1 is that the wife must not fall in love with her bull. Even if another man can have her body, her husband must always have her heart. Rule 2 is that cuckolding is not the same as an open marriage. The wife can do what she wants with every stud she meets, but the husband must remain faithful at all times.

In this book, both our main characters are sorely tempted to break the rules. Tina’s worried that she’s falling in love with Adam, the bull she met in I Can Do It Better. And Rob finds himself strongly attracted to Charlotte, a sexy young goth with bisexual and BDSM tendencies. Is he going to break the rules with her? Or is Charlotte more interested in Tina?

If their cuckold marriage is going to survive, Tina and Rob will need to start making their own rules.

There’s a strong lesbian element in this book. Why did you decide to go down that road?

Tina’s life as a cuckoldress has given her so many experiences she never thought she’d have. She’s on such a sexual high that she wants to do everything and everyone. She’s not going to be restricted by labels like ‘straight’ or ‘gay.’
It’s also an interesting variation on the theme. A cuckold might almost be getting used to seeing his wife with another man. But how’s he going to react when he sees her with another woman? A whole new set of emotions and jealousies come into play.

As a man, are you qualified to write about lesbian sex?

I’m not the only one! Don’t be surprised if the 19-year-old lesbian you chat to online turns out to be a 45-year-old guy with a beard and a Metallica t-shirt.

I did show the book to a friend of mine who’s bisexual. She approved the lesbian scenes – and even said they made her ‘hot and bothered.’

There’s also a lot more sadomasochism. Do you think there’s a link between cuckoldry and BDSM?

Being a cuckold is masochistic. Even if he doesn’t like being hurt physically, the cuck must enjoy psychological pain. It is humiliating to watch your wife having sex with another man. Equally, the cuckoldress must be something of a sadist to look her beloved husband in the eye and say, ‘He’s so much better than you, honey.’

Tina didn’t think she was into BDSM, but she finds herself enjoying the humiliation that Adam metes out to both her and Rob. And even she is surprised by her reaction when her bull orchestrates the physical punishment of her husband.

Although Rob suffers a lot in your books, they all seem to end with him saving the day. Was it a conscious decision to make the cuckold a hero?

I don’t think Rob’s a hero. He’s an ordinary guy in an extraordinary situation. But I do get annoyed by the way cuckolds are portrayed in many erotic novels. A couple can choose this lifestyle for many reasons that don’t necessarily include the man being completely inadequate and ineffectual. Rob is hugely turned on by watching his wife having sex with other people. But nonetheless he’s resourceful and even brave when he has to be.

There are similarities between Rob and Charlotte in this respect. Charlotte is a feisty, charismatic woman with strong opinions, who enjoys being sexually submissive. I don’t see any inconsistency in the idea of a courageous cuckold or a strong-willed sub. Your sexual predilections don’t always dictate how you’ll behave in the rest of your life.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m just finishing a stand-alone book called Black and Blue, An Interracial Cuckold Tale. (Coming in November, 2017.) It’s based on my ex-girlfriend, who cheated on me with a black guy. It’s been painful, but also powerfully erotic, to relive the experience. I still remember her naked in bed next to me saying, ‘I wasn’t sure if I could take five times in one night. It turns out I can. And it felt so fucking good.’

What’s next for Tina and Rob?

Book 4 of A Cuckold Odyssey is going to be called I’m the One You NEed.

Now that Tina’s interest in BDSM has been awakened, it’s going to take her and Rob to some very dark places.

We Make Our Own Rules, a Cuckold Odyssey #3 by Rob Matthews

we_rulesTwo cuckolds, two hotwives, and one stud. Is there room for a sixth player in this game?

We Make Our Own Rules ($12.95, 152 pages, ISBN: 978-1-60381-478-2) is the third book in Rob Matthews’ Cuckold Odyssey Series, which began with Come Home with Us and continued with I Can Do It Better. As Rob and Tina continue to explore the world of cuckoldry, Rob worries that Tina’s stud Adam is playing a dangerous game that will destroy their marriage.

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“One thing I truly love about Mr Matthews books is that not only is he a terrific writer of erotica, he is also a fantastic story teller. When I pick up one of his books I know it’s going to be hot and sexy, but what is even better is that I know he is going to tell me a great story. I know he is going to create characters who have depth and complexity; characters that I will care about, love, or even hate. His stories are interesting and entertaining as well as being steamy, and We Make Our Own Rules does not disappoint in any way.”

—Shaun Putaine, Putaine’s Musings

‘Tina had never questioned her sexuality. She’d started dating boys at an early age and never looked back—except in our fantasies.’

In the beginning, there was married couple Rob and Tina, trying to navigate the rules of the cuckold universe. After they befriended another cuckold/hotwife couple, Ben and Emma, things grew more complicated. Two years after their odyssey began, Adam, a stud who is eerily perceptive and vague on the details of his background, threatens to take Rob’s place in Tina’s heart as well as her bed. When Rob hears Tina refer to her husbands, plural, and Adam orchestrates the increasing involvement of Ben and Emma in their cuckold games, Rob can’t shake the feeling that lines have been crossed and rules broken. Part of him misses their earlier cuckold adventures when, no matter what scenario played out, at the end of the day it was just Rob and Tina and their dog, Boris.

But when Rob meets sexy young goth, Charlotte, he’s tempted to redefine the rules himself. Or is Charlotte more interested in showing Tina a whole new path for a cuckoldress to go down?

Rob Matthews was born in London. He divides his time between Britain and the United States. He lives with his wife Tina and their dog Boris. Coming soon: a book about interracial cuckoldry, set in England, as well as the next instalment of A Cuckold Odyssey. Follow Rob on Facebook and Twitter:; @robandtina1.

Keep reading for an  excerpt:

‘So if I understand what you’re both saying,’ he said, turning back to Tina, ‘you find it easier to explore the darker areas of your sexuality with someone other than Rob, because Rob loves you?’

She took a moment to consider this, then nodded. ‘Yes, that’s right. When Adam uses his fingernail to scratch the word “WHORE” into my ass, I feel like he means it. Rob would write, “WHORE but you’re not really—you’re the love of my life.” And I’m not sure you can fit all that on my butt.’

He leaned back in his chair with the triumphant look of a prosecutor who’s found the weak point in the defense. ‘In that case, why would you fall in love with Adam? It goes against what you say you want.’

Tina sighed and threw up her hands. ‘I suffer from a psychological condition called being human. We don’t always get to decide who we fall in love with.’

‘If you find yourself equally in love with both men, won’t you find it equally hard to experiment?’

This was Tina’s opportunity to say, ‘Equally in love? Impossible! No one could ever equal Rob, my king amongst men.’ But she didn’t. What she said was, ‘That’s one of the problems.’

‘So wouldn’t it make sense to back off from Adam? Focus on Rob for a while.’

I liked this idea and nodded approvingly, but she gave him one of her wicked looks. ‘When Adam rips my underwear and tells me he’d rather be with my friend, it feels so … wrong!’

I didn’t think the word “wrong” had ever been spoken in such a positive way.

‘Let’s try an experiment,’ he said. ‘Rob, tell Tina in what ways Emma is better than her.’

My brain froze. ‘I suppose,’ I faltered, ‘Emma’s slimmer.’

‘And that makes Emma sexier?’ he prompted.

‘Not for me,’ I said. ‘I prefer Tina’s womanly body any day.’

He shook his head and looked disappointed. ‘Is Emma prettier than Tina?’

Feeling uncomfortable, I rubbed my hands together. ‘Emma’s pretty, sure. She’s got glossy black hair, dark brown eyes, and a cute little bump on the bridge of her nose.’

‘You obviously find her attractive.’

‘He does, doesn’t he?’ said Tina, looking at me sourly.

I added quickly, ‘But Tina’s very attractive too. She’s got a great body and a beautiful face. She’s gorgeous.’

Tina smiled and nodded as if I’d redeemed myself. He just said, ‘I see what you mean. You’re not very good at insulting her. Let me try.’ He turned to Tina, and said with professional detachment, ‘Tina, you’re an old slut next to Emma.’

Tina tried to look outraged, but her pupils dilated and she opened her mouth slightly, running her tongue along her top lip.



A Heart’s Breath, by Ellen March: A Billionaire’s Bet Backfires

hearts_breathBillionaire Micah never refuses a challenge. Luckless Savannah just wants a fresh start. When she inherits a strip club, their worlds collide.

A Heart’s Breath ($14.95, 222 pages, ISBN: 978-1-60381-264-1) is Ellen March’s latest contemporary erotic romance. When Savannah inherits a strip club, she meets the man of her dreams—if only he weren’t gay. Perhaps he can still save her from the people who want her dead.

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Ellen March’s erotic romances pit gutsy heroines against stubborn alpha males and include a large dose of quirky British humor:

A Walk in the Park: “Life is funny and March’s writing captures the real, but funny, parts of falling in love and getting through life. Dog lovers will especially enjoy this book thanks to Moses and the rest of the four legged characters.”  —Mandy’s Bookshelf

Love on the Menu is a funny and delightful read from page one to the end. Woven with humor, excitement, sex, and mystery, this will keep you on your toes just wondering which shoe will drop next. Hot passion between these two will keep you glued to the pages.” —Fresh Fiction

A Ghost of an Affair: “To anyone who enjoys a romance set around a hospital and its staff, along with a hunky ghost who becomes very territorial towards his woman, you will want to read this story.”  —Romance Junkies

One Night Only: “Ellen March did a wonderful job in telling this story with humor and witty comebacks.” –Fresh Fiction

His Girl Friday: “A delightful read. I absolutely LOVED Sally and Paul the gardener. They were absolutely hilarious![….] This book was 1/3 romance, 1/3 erotic, and 1/3 comedy!” —A Well-Read Woman

Promises: “Ellen March is a new author for me. I really enjoyed her writing style and the quirkiness of her characters.”  —Fresh Fiction

Will Savannah ever escape her hard-luck life, working as a waitress and caring for her younger brother Cato? Her luck seems to change when she inherits a strip club. The former owner, her godmother, required that all male employees be gay. So when Savannah meets her new security guard, devastatingly handsome Micah, she naturally assumes he is off-limits. Little does she know that he is a womanizing billionaire masquerading as a gay security guard to win a bet. Micah’s wager requires that he have no access to his money, and his apparent poverty is part of what draws Savannah to him, her new “BGF”: Big Gay Friend.

Micah can’t keep up the gay act for long, not with Savannah prancing around, oblivious to her effect on him. He is determined to confess that he is straight and seduce her. Then, after the term of the bet is up, he will move on. But his curvaceous and sweet yet volatile boss is not so easily set aside.

Micah has another reason to linger: to keep Savannah safe. Someone is trying to kill her, and strong-willed Savannah is not easy to protect. She also values the truth above all else, so how will she react when the extent of his deceit is revealed?

Says Ellen, “I’ve always loved stories with women trampled by life finally getting a break. Then of course you have to throw in some roadblocks. Savannah is not your typical model material. I think readers get tired of all the perfect heroines. Of course she has the qualities that count: she’s generous and honest to a fault. Expecting the same in others is her first mistake.”

Ellen March is the pen name of Helen Duggan. She and her husband live on top of a mountain in Wales, which is ideal in the summer but not so much in the winter months or when it rains. She has three grown children, one suicidal cat—it really does have nine lives—and two Alaskan Malamutes. One of her hobbies is showing and working them. Ellen’s first love, however, is reading and writing. Since childhood, she has devoured every romance and fantasy she can get her hands on and enjoys acting out her own fantasies in print. Her body of work includes erotic romance, psychological thrillers, and supernatural fantasies. Click here to find Ellen online. Or like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

Keep reading for an excerpt:

“If you weren’t gay you’d be in there,” she said, trying to tamp down the green demon.

“I know,” he agreed, then swam towards the steps and left the water.

Savannah wished he’d stayed put. She also wished her lungs would exhale. Because she’d forgotten to breathe.

Her gaze was drawn to his body—to his package, to be exact. She scrunched her eyes closed at his sexy swagger. His hips should be arrested for indecency. Then she switched her attention to his lunchbox, and Christ but he could feed the starving. He is so not available, she reminded herself.

Savannah sucked in her frustration. “I want to talk to you.”

Micah picked up a towel and rubbed it over his body in slow swipes, all the while watching her to gauge her reaction. He noted the way her eyes constantly flickered over him, across his crotch.

After each inspection, she blushed. Micah found that baffling but endearing.

All his women were seasoned and knew the score, their innocence long forgotten. Her reaction confused him. Why would she flush with obvious embarrassment? At her age—mid to late twenties—she must have been in a number of sexual relationships, he reasoned. “Go ahead,” he said. Micah buried any images of another male thrusting into her, along with a sudden glut of pure, white-hot anger.

Dropping to the nearby seat, he leaned back and waited.

She sucked in a deep breath. This was so not the conversation she’d thought she’d be having with her BGF. “It’s to do with what you did to me last night.”

A frown settled over him as he wondered if he was going to face the sack again. But this time it wasn’t losing the bet that bothered him.

It was leaving her alone.

A disturbing emotion was digging its claws in. Normally he didn’t care about anyone. And now? In a sharp space of time she was evoking everything alien. “I was teaching you a lesson in manners. Got a problem with that?”

“Well actually, no. I, um, I well, I, oh shit …. Look, I liked it, okay?” Her cheeks flamed bright red.

Micah swallowed. It wasn’t what he was expecting. He casually draped the towel over his growing erection. He slanted his head, waiting. He knew she hadn’t finished and was curious as to where it was leading.

Savannah wished he’d speak, make it easier, instead of looking at her with that sinfully sexy expression, his lush lips curving into a slow smile. “I’d like to do it again. That is, I mean, if you don’t mind. If I’m not, well, if I’m not bothering you too much.”

Meet David McManus, Author of the Reluctant Cuckold Series

reluctant_cuckoldFor most cuckold erotica fans, David McManus needs no introduction. He is the author The Reluctant Cuckold and Cuck Storm Horizon, and the next book in the series, Cuckold Uncharted, has generated a huge amount of buzz. Rumors have been flying about possible titles and draft manuscripts traveling from hand to hand. David has been thrilled and humbled by the attention. Now fans have a chance to hear from him directly.

I know you expect to be finished with Cuckold Uncharted soon. But it’s been over two years, and I’m sure your readers are wondering, what’s the hold-up?

It just was far more challenging than I expected. When I started back in early ’15, I approached the third book like it was just a continuation of the second. So Chapter 1 was simply Chapter 31 of Horizon and I’d simply go on with the story from there. But that approach didn’t really work. My drafts lacked direction. I needed to understand the ending, what it was going to be, what “The End” looked like. I needed to know what I was writing toward, where the drama was driving toward, and I just wasn’t getting it.

cuckold2Then, at the beginning of this year, I was derailed by some personal issues. And it wasn’t until really September that some things resolved, and I had time to write again. But I’m very focused now on finishing the book, and I’m working on it every night. I finally understand what the third book’s about–the tone and rhythm of the story. So I’m progressing at a much faster pace. Kind of like I felt writing the second half of Horizon. Where the characters start yapping away and things just seem to flow naturally. So I’m working hard to be done by the spring.

I understand this third book will not be the last in the Reluctant Cuckold series?

I’m not thinking past this book, but it won’t be the end of the story. I came to realize that for this part of the story I just couldn’t rush the narrative to Halloween. So in terms of time frame covered, it’s similar to Cuck Storm. But what deflated me was realizing I was writing an ‘interim’ book. I even lowered my own expectations, like, “Maybe I can bang out a book that’s half the length, since it’s only an interim book anyway.” Which I couldn’t get motivated for.

It wasn’t until this summer that I understood the ending, where I was writing toward, that I finally saw the book with its own identity, different and apart from the other two. And whether true or not, I’ve convinced myself that this is the book. That it doesn’t matter that it’s an interim book. That if I write this well, it can be more substantial than the other two.

cuckold_unchartedBecause to be motivated, I have to feel that it’s more important. It’s was kind of the same way with Cuck Storm. Like the five-day time frame concerned me, just how radical a change that was from RC. Even though it seemed like a risk, it just felt necessary to slow down and not rush through the second week. But my rationale was, it has to be told this way, and I have to let it be its own book. I had to show Dave in his full world. And that’s when motivation kicked in, and the words just started coming out more naturally.

So how would you say the writing of each book has been different?

When I first started RC, I thought I’d tell the story in one book, and that it would be maximum, 200 pages. But suddenly I’m 200 pages in, and I haven’t brought the main character, Mike, into the story. I started to panic, “like how the hell do I end this?” And I kind of rushed the last hundred pages. So the ending was almost arbitrary. Like scrambling for the final scene to call it quits.

With Cuck Storm, I wanted to write more complete chapters, and I thought much more about structure and story arc. I wanted a purposeful end point I was writing toward. I also wanted to let the scenes fully play out. In RC, I felt I copped out on some key scenes, not following through with the whole conversation. Like I regret cutting off the scene where Ashley admitted to Dave about having sex in the bathroom. It was lazy of me, and a cop-out.

I think part of it was, with RC, I wasn’t really thinking about people ever reading it. Readers were kind of an abstraction and I hadn’t looked into publishing. So the “people are gonna read this” part of it wasn’t really on my mind.

With my second book, I figured I’d get some old RC readers, meaning at least some readers. So I took it more seriously. I had people reading it now, so I wanted to write a better book.

Well, you certainly have anxious readers now. Your Author Page has over a thousand posts discussing your book. How did that start?

Back in early 2015, a colorful fellow named Taniwha began posting his thoughts about my books. And soon others started joining in the discussion. I was stunned when there were fifty posts, and couldn’t believe it when it just kept continuing. I’m hugely grateful to all of them and plan to dedicate the new book to them, actually. ‘Cause if wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have done it. They are my motivation for finishing this, and finishing this soon.

Has having such a dedicated group on your Author Page increased the pressure?

Yes, but I view the pressure as a good thing. I’m lucky to have people who are into my books. And hugely appreciative. So I really want to deliver a compelling and captivating read. I want this book to be the one that stands out for them. And that even though it’s not the final book, it’s complete and satisfying in its own way. So they’ve upped the pressure because I don’t want to let them down. But they’re also what’s giving me the motivation right now. So the motivation complements the pressure, and I block it all out when I’m writing.

Do you interact with your followers on your Author Page?

I haven’t been–I’ve been totally MIA actually–and I feel really bad about it. I said hello in the fall of 2015, and then was distracted with other-life stuff. I didn’t want to even look at my Author Page because of the little or no progress I was making. And now as I’m in “finish the book” mode, I’m just blocking out all distractions. But I definitely want to apologize and plan to be far more accessible once Uncharted is done.

I also want to address a few people I began emailing with. I was locked out of my Yahoo email in June and haven’t been able to get in. So I hope to be back in touch with them when I’m done.

Can you give us an idea of what to expect in Cuckold Uncharted?

Since a lot of the exposition was taken care of in Cuck Storm, and Dave is home, I’d say the book is more revealing about Ashley. Like Dave will learn what led up to Ashley’s night in the bathroom. And hopefully, she’ll be less of an enigma. Readers will have a better idea of what makes her tick.

So if Dave was the star of Cuck Storm, Ashley’s definitely a co-star in Uncharted. And of course, Mike plays a significant role. Tamara’s given a real opportunity to talk, so she’ll be less two-dimensional. Jim Murta also gets an appearance, more lines than he had in RC. No wild departures or surprises, like Dave flying off somewhere.

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I Can Do It Better, A Cuckold Odyssey #2, by Rob Matthews

i_can_do_it_betterI Can Do It Better ($12.95, 256 pp., ISBN: 978-1-60381-457-7) is the second book in Rob Matthews’ Cuckold Odyssey series. As Rob and Tina continue to search for ways to make their sex life work, they encounter a hotwife who raises Tina’s competitive spirit and a handsome older man who seems to be able to read their minds.

** Click the cover image to order the 5×8 trade paperback online **

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“A terrific piece of erotica that is hot, sexy, and fun to read. The characters are well developed with depth and complexity. The emotions experienced by the men and women in the story are explored in a way that brings the characters, and the story itself, alive to the reader [….] The erotic scenes are very well done, steamy without being overdone. It’s a definite spank bank book, if you’re into cuckold/hotwife fiction [….] I highly recommend this for cuckold/hotwife fans.”  Read more….

—Putaine Musings

“Yes, a thousand times yes. I love it when a book goes all mental like that, from the point of view of a character (with a little insight from the writer), and we go deep down the rabbit hole inside someone’s head[….] I dropped right into this book like a comfortable chaise lounge, never getting lost, and never needing to read the book one – and that is the hallmark of a writer who knows how to pick up on a story while keeping a newcomer perfectly informed, and also very nice work[….] Recommended strongly for those wishing to dive deep into the hows and whys of cuckolding.”  Read more….

—Sylvia Storm for e-Read Erotica

‘When you watch your wife undressing in front of another man for the first time, you will feel so much. You’ll be more turned on than ever before. You’ll also be jealous, angry, proud, and protective—all at the same time. Every nerve in your body will be electrified. It won’t be comfortable but you’ll sure know you’re alive.’

After their sexual adventures almost destroyed Tina’s career and their marriage, Rob and Tina are searching for new ways to explore the cuckold lifestyle. They meet Ben and Emma, a couple with champagne tastes and bottomless pockets. Emma is a young, rich, and beautiful cuckoldress. Rob and Tina are happy to offer advice on cuckoldry to their new friends. But when Tina and Emma start pursuing the same stud, Tina has to face the possibility that she’s not the hottest wife in town anymore. Can anyone do it better than Tina? And what will be the impact of Adam, an eerily perceptive older man encountered at a cuckold club? As Adam weaves his spell, Rob and Tina suspect that the only thing standing in the way of their ultimate pleasure is the limits of their imagination.

Keep reading for an excerpt:

We were both looking over at the bar, so it took us a few minutes to realize that a man was standing in front of our table, smiling at us. ‘Good evening, my name’s Adam,’ he said. ‘Do you mind if I join you for a while?’ He was a handsome man in his late forties, maybe even early fifties. His hair had once been brown but now was mostly gray. He had a well-trimmed salt-and-pepper beard. His eyes were a striking gray-blue and there was a playful twist to his mouth.

Tina had never gone for the George Clooney look. I could see the beginnings of her sorry, this isn’t going to happen smile. He held up his hand. ‘Don’t worry. I have no interest in having sex with you. May I?’

He sat down, picked up Tina’s glass and sniffed it. ‘Chardonnay,’ he said. He looked over and caught the barman’s eye. ‘A bottle of the Chardonnay and three glasses over here, please.’

I would have expected any barman to answer with a curt ‘Order at the bar like everyone else,’ but this one gave Adam a thumbs-up, and a minute later, we had a bottle on the table.

Adam poured us all a drink. ‘To love—in its many forms,’ he said. Before we could respond, he carried on, ‘I’ve been watching the couples in here. Most of them are finished. This is their last attempt to resuscitate a marriage that’s already dead.’ He pointed discreetly to a couple two tables away. ‘They’ll be calling their lawyers in the morning whether she gets fucked tonight or not. You see the way he’s stabbing the crushed ice in his mojito with a straw? It’s like he hates ice and wants it to die. The truth is, he hates his life and blames the woman sitting next to him. He’s got a pretty good job. He can afford a smart suit. He drinks cocktails instead of beer to show what a classy guy he is. But he’s trapped. They’ve got a couple of children and a huge mortgage. He knows he can’t show his ass to his boss and go off to follow his dream. Now look at her. She keeps playing with her hair because she’s worried it’s not cascading down her shoulders in quite the perfect way. She has slathered on lipstick and eyeliner, which makes her look like the lovechild of Mick Jagger and Bambi. Before they came here, she told him, “Hey, I’ve got a great idea—it’ll be smoking hot if I go with another guy, but don’t worry, sweetie, I’ll always be in love with you.” The truth is, she’s looking for her prince. The good-looking, funny man she married is tired and stressed all the time now. He works a twelve-hour day. When he comes home, the only thing he wants to do is sit down with his dinner and watch TV. They haven’t had sex in three months. She’s decided she deserves better. What she wants is a guy to take her off to a magical kingdom where people are rich without working all the time. She kids herself she’s going to find someone like that here.’

He indicated another couple sitting on the opposite side of the room. ‘And you see those two? Do you notice he’s the one scanning the room, looking for men? Occasionally, he points one out to her. But her lips are pursed. Her arms are folded. Her reaction to every man is the same—a brief shake of the head. She doesn’t want to be here. This was his idea. He reckons a thriving sex life is the key to a happy marriage. So to fix their relationship, he’s suggested everything—dressing up, roleplay, S&M. This is his last throw of the dice—except he doesn’t know that. She’s disgusted with him. She’s asking herself why she married this pervert and wondering how much money she needs to get out of this marriage and start over on her own.’

‘You got all that just by looking at them?’ I asked.

‘You can tell a lot from watching people,’ he said with a smile. ‘That’s why I wanted to talk to you two.’

Meet Rob Matthews, author of the Cuckold Odyssey series

come_homeCuckold erotica seems like a narrow niche. But within that niche are various subgenres. Some stories feature female empowerment, some are all about humiliation of the inadequate male lover–a variation of the sub/Dom theme–some are about the pleasures of voyeurism, and some are just one fascinating variation on the three-way sexual scenario after another. The bull, it seems, is never the hero, although clearly the reader who identifies as a bull enjoys these stories as well. What I suspect many readers can relate to is the metaphor of the cuckold. The idea that one can find pleasure and fulfillment despite what others might consider a shortcoming.

Rob Matthews’ protagonist/narrator is not your average cuckold. Rob’s problem isn’t being poorly endowed so much as lacking the ability to keep it up long enough to please his partner. The author, Rob Matthews, divides his time between England and the U.S. His British sensibility gives his stories considerable class and delightful subtlety. Everyone is very civilized in their sexual manipulations. In the cuckold odyssey stories, Rob and his wife Tina clearly love each other, but since their marriage doesn’t work for them physically, they are searching for mutually satisfying ways to keep it viable.

But let’s give Rob the floor:

i_can_do_it_betterDo you keep up with the newest titles in the cuckold genre? What do you see?

I’ve just finished David McManus’s books. He cleverly finishes Reluctant Cuckold in such a way that the reader has no choice but to start Cuck Storm Horizon immediately. I’m impressed by his mastery of the slow burn. As the main character gradually comes to terms with his role as a cuckold, the psychological processes he goes through are fascinating. I’ve also read Alex Hathaway’s From Housewife to Cuckoldress. I love the way Alex builds up the characters. One of the big differences between erotica and porn is that the reader gets to know the characters. And that makes the sex scenes so much more exciting.

What do you think your books bring to the genre that is fresh or unique?

In some books, the cuck has no control over what happens. His wife has sex with another man. It’s much better than anything she gets at home so she decides to carry on. The husband has no choice but to deal with it. The central male character in Reluctant Cuckold, for example, spends a long time working out how he feels on his own. My characters, Rob and Tina, decide that this is what they want to do and they discuss their feelings together. The cuckold lifestyle causes problems along the way. Tina’s quite hot-headed and does some things without thinking. And, don’t get me wrong, she loves humiliating her husband as much as the next cuckoldress. But generally, they work as a team. They’re devoted to each other. They are best friends. They just love the cuckold lifestyle – well, most of the time.

Do you see a difference in the tastes and terminology between countries?

We watch so many American movies and TV shows in Britain these days that there’s less of a difference now between US and UK English. Most of the terminology for describing sex is common to both countries, but there are some differences. An American cuck might jerk off while watching a bull schtup his better half. But his British counterpart would have a wank while watching a stud give his missus a good seeing to.

What attracted you to the cuckold genre?

Cuckoldry is about love. If the cuck doesn’t love his wife, he’s just watching two people have sex. He might as well watch a porn film. The emotional intensity comes from watching the woman you love with another man. I’m very much interested in the conflicting emotions of the cuckold relationship.

‘I love you, but I want you to have sex with someone else.’
‘I hate what you’re doing, but it’s the biggest turn-on I’ve ever experienced.’
‘I desperately want you to stop, but I know life would be a lot less exciting if you did.’

A cuck can think all of these things at the same time. And every one of these feelings is born out of love. The British author Melvyn Bragg once said: ‘Romance is love without sex; pornography is sex without love.’ Cuckold erotica combines explicit sex with real love.

Do you read the classics?

I have read them. I think it’s important to have a grounding in the classics. But learn from them – don’t copy them. One of the mistakes new writers make is that they think they have to be literary. Don’t try to write literature. Just express your own ideas in the clearest, most interesting way you can. This applies especially to erotica. You can’t hope to be taken seriously if you write about ‘his proud beam’ or ‘his spear of destiny.’ It’s a cock, so just call it a cock.

What are your tastes in music, books, podcasts etc?

My taste in music is embarrassingly populist. My favorite group is the Beatles. When I tell people that, they assume it’s because I don’t know anyone else. It’s like when I say I love Mozart. I do know lots of composers and groups. And I’ve realized there’s a reason why some are so popular. It’s because they’re very good!

People might be surprised that my favorite book doesn’t have any sex in it. P.G. Wodehouse’s Right Ho, Jeeves is the most perfect book I’ve ever read. It tells an intricately constructed story in a series of brilliant comic scenes. It sounds like the narrator is just rambling on but really not a word is wasted.

My favorite podcasts are by a film reviewer who calls himself the Nostalgia Critic. When he hears tin-eared lines in a movie, he shouts, ‘Who talks like that?’ If I hear this in my head while I’m writing, I know it’s time to rework the dialog.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to write cuckold erotica?

I remember reading an erotic story that opened with, ‘And then she was naked.’ I immediately wanted to know: Who is she? Why is she naked? Why is this an important moment in her life? None of these questions were ever answered. I was supposed to be excited because somewhere there was an anonymous woman with no clothes on. Anyone who’s just looking for sex can find a ton of it online for free. People who pay to read erotica expect well thought-out stories, rounded characters and believable dialog. Writing cuckold erotica, in particular, is about creating relationships. What is the relationship between the husband and wife? Is the problem simply that he’s not very good in bed or are there other issues? What about the one between the bull and the wife? Does he just satisfy her sexually or does he fulfill other needs? How does the one relationship affect the other?

Above all, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s only erotica, so you can let professional standards slide. Make it the best book you possibly can. Remember the wise words of George Orwell: ‘If there were easy money to be made out of dirty words, a lot more people would be making it.’

Fanny Press’s Cuckold Catalog:

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From Housewife to Cuckoldress: How I Took Sexual Control of a Marriage in Crisis

Education of a Cuckold: A Story of Love, Lust, and Fate

My Husband’s Adventures: Confessions from the Wife of a Cuckold Bull

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Reluctant Cuckold

Cuck Storm Horizon

Coming Soon: Cuckold Uncharted

Books by Derrin Hart:

Our Dark Secret: A Modern Cuckold Memoir

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My Husband's Adventures: Confessions from the Wife of a Cuckold Bull, by Alex Hathaway

my-husbands-adventuresMy Husband’s Adventures: Confessions from the Wife of a Cuckold Bull (ISBN: 978-1-60381-601-4, $13.95, 192 pages) is the third work of cuckold erotica by Alex Hathaway. A wife used to being queen bee must come to terms with her husband’s refusal to ignore the other women clamoring for his sexual talents.

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** Or order it for your Kindle, Nook, or other eBook formats from Smashwords **

“[My Husband’s Adventures] is remarkably well paced and has a strong sense of beats and timing, yet it also has a strong sense of patience when it sets up the next forbidden thrill. Great heat must be built to, and this book does a wonderful job setting up multiple partners with each encounter wonderfully different and delicious all the same….This is a book which is going to stay in my mind for a while, seeding the fantasies within. Highly recommended for cuckold fans and those who like a little mystery and danger to wife sharing and cuckolding.”  Read more….

—Sylvia Storm for e-Read Erotica Reviews

“Jackson has always boasted that he was ‘brought on this earth to make women feel amazing.’ The hot wives he services are grateful – as are their cuckold husbands. But where does that leave Jackson’s own wife? What do you do if you’re married to the most rampant bull in town? Corrie must decide if she wants to keep Jackson to herself or share him with her girlfriends. Alex Hathaway combines highly-charged erotic writing with a keen understanding of psychology to create that rarest of beasts—a genuinely original cuckold novel.” —Rob Matthews, author, Come Home With Us and I Can Do It Better

“Let me just put this out there right now: This book is scorching hot! If you are into cuckold/hotwife erotica this is a definite spank bank book. It also delves into the cuckqueen side of things which added another layer of steaming hotness. There is also a good deal of erotic humiliation in the stories, which while not for everyone, I thought was very well done …. The character development in this book is outstanding for an erotic piece. I felt like I came to know the characters very quickly and more than just knowing, I cared about them. The author shows the reader the scenes in a way that allows you to see it without being overdone.”  Read more….

—Putaine Musings

Corrie is strong, beautiful, and confident, but eight years into her marriage, she discovers she is the odd woman out in a fetish she’s never heard of. There is the cuckold, the bull, and the hot wife. Where does that leave Corrie, the bull’s wife? In a world where most men don’t measure up, Jackson is in constant demand. Other than his extracurricular activities, he is a kind husband and loving father to their daughter. He loves Corrie, and he can still blow her mind in the sack. However, sex is what Jackson does best, and he feels a responsibility to share his gift with the wives and girlfriends of the less fortunate, the poorly endowed cuckolds who like to watch.

Can Corrie adjust to the new normal? Her husband’s role offers plenty of adventures for her as well. And Corrie is no pushover. Gradually she learns what she must do to fit in to this equation. All it takes is an open mind and a little creativity.

Alex Hathaway, also the author of From Housewife to Cuckoldress: How I Took Sexual Control of a Marriage in Crisis and Education of a Cuckold, is fascinated by the erotic power of sexual taboos and the adventures that can be had by exploring them. An author whose relationships have evolved from vanilla to anything but, Alex has a particular interest in writing about cuckolding and the unconventional sexual fulfillment it can provide.

Keep reading for an excerpt:

From September to December alone, I made Jackson flush hand-scrawled numbers of five women down the toilet. I made him save the numbers in his wallet until I flushed them down, so there would be no secrets between us.

Unlike most promiscuous (heterosexual) men, it was all about repeat customers with Jackson. It never failed. I’d leave him alone at a bar while talking with some friends. I’d cast a glance to check on him and he’d be oozing confidence, like a cobra relaxing in the sun. The women would glom onto him like honeybees. Ugh!

Yes, on some level it turned me on to know I had what they wanted. As Courtney Love once sang, “I want to be the girl with the most cake.” But I can’t emphasize enough what a trust issue this was between us.

About nine months into the monogamous phase of our relationship, the issue faded. Surprising even myself, I found I was less interested in what Jackson was texting. Not that I wasn’t possessive—I was the one to press him on our engagement. When he’d get back from a day of landscaping, I’d joke, “Where’s my ring?” As if he’d had time to go ring shopping with his overalls on.

One day, he did show up with a ring, and yeah, in his overalls without a shirt. Before Jackson proposed, we had a surprising conversation. He told me that while he loved me as much as he’d ever loved anyone, he’d always had trouble staying faithful.

The conversation bothered me. It resembled the typical male bullshit you can see on Jerry Springer Monday through Friday: he couldn’t always resist the advances, and in his past relationships, his girlfriends didn’t understand his needs. They didn’t get that his feelings for them were unwavering, even when he crossed a sexual line with someone else. Jackson told me he would try, but he couldn’t make any promises.

He wasn’t putting that ring on my finger until I was okay with that. The way he said it was so firm, so decisive. It really shocked me that he could put it out there with so much indifference. As if he could accept me walking out on him over this. For a day, I was really pissed. And he didn’t get any sex from me for a weekend, either.

But somehow, the storm passed. I would have dumped any other guy over that. But with Jackson, I really don’t know. Maybe I was too in love to care. Maybe I thought I could change him, or that if I took care of his needs well enough, he wouldn’t stray. I just knew I wasn’t giving him up. And Jackson … he was one patient son of a bitch, as if he knew he would eventually wear me down. God, that made me crazy!



Meet Alex Hathaway, Author of From Housewife to Cuckoldress, Education of a Cuckold, and now, My Husband’s Adventures

cuckoldressWhen Fanny Press first published Our Dark Secret: A Modern Cuckold Memoir in 2010, author Derrin Hart assured us that there was a large audience clamoring for cuckold stories. He was absolutely right. Our Dark Secret became one of our top sellers, and soon many other authors were publishing books in what would become an established genre: cuckold erotica. Derrin would eventually publish two other cuckold novels with us: Tiffany’s Cuckold and Southern Belle Cuckold. Meanwhile we were receiving many other submissions, but none could equal Derrin’s original and unpredictable story lines plus sly humor … not until Alex Hathaway came along.

We instantly fell in love with From Housewife to Cuckoldress: How I Took Sexual Control of a Marriage in Crisis, which was the first cuckold story we’d seen up to that point from a female point of view. Not to mention that Alex was a wonderful writer with a distinctive voice and a wicked sense of humor. Alex also brought a psychological depth to the characters that allowed the work to transcend genre.

education_cuckoldAlex’s next novel was Education of a Cuckold: A Story of Love, Lust, and Fate, narrated by a young man learning his place in the cuckold scene. On November 1, 2016, we will publish Alex’s third standalone cuckold novel, My Husband’s Adventures: Confessions from the Wife of a Cuckold Bull, once again, as the title indicates, narrated by a female character.

Over the next several months Fanny Press will release two other books in the genre. The second episode in British writer Rob Matthews’ classy Cuckold Odyssey series, which began with Come Home With Us, I Can Do It Better, will be released December 1, 2016. An interview with him will be posted on Fanny’s website November 15.

cuckold_unchartedDavid McManus’ third Reluctant Cuckold book, Cuckold Uncharted, will be released early in 2017; we’ll announce a date soon. David reports that the story is coming along well. Our interview with David will run December 15.  David’s first two books feature a cast of realistic and relatable characters led by Dave, who is caught up in a love triangle he craves and abhors and doesn’t quite understand. Reluctant Cuckold and Cuck Storm Horizon have captured a whole new audience of readers for the genre.

And now, we are pleased to introduce you to the delightful Alex Hathaway:

Do you keep up with the newest titles in the cuckold genre? What do you see?

I do my best to keep up with new cuckold titles, especially the ones from Fanny Press 🙂 Often I am doing my own version of research, picking up stories/experiences from my own life and also interacting with folks I know online who have lived the cuckold life or are experimenting. I like to learn about the truth of people’s lives in whatever form I can. When it comes to sexuality, so much is still hidden. The cuckolding genre is definitely thriving!

What do you think your books bring to the genre that is fresh or unique?

I view cuckolding through the lens of female sexual empowerment, which may be different than some, as modern cuckolding is usually seen as a male fantasy. I like to flip that on its head. In prior Fanny Press blogs I wrote about how cuckolding presents an option for women to reframe their sexual relationships. Contrary to the fairy tales, it’s amazingly difficult to find everything you seek in one partner. Cuckolding presents one avenue into sexual awakening/rejuvenation.

If we start with the female claiming her sexual power, the fascinating question is how the men in her life respond. The big difference between my books and real life is we have the chance to follow the protagonist through a full evolution as they grow and change—of course with hot encounters along the way! My cuckold books delve into the psychology of embracing cuckolding. To me, knowing what compels people to risk what they risk makes the sex scenes hotter, but readers can decide.

My three books have no overlap in characters, but there is a connection readers might find interesting. Each book looks at a different cuckold role. From Housewife to Cuckoldress tells of a shift in a married woman’s outlook, in The Education of a Cuckold a cuckold discovers his true identity. My latest book, My Husband’s Adventures, is about a wife who must come to terms with her husband, a cuckold “bull.” My next book rounds out the main cast of characters in cuckolding dramas.

Do you interact with fans? If so, what is the feedback you’re hearing from them? Has it affected the way you write or the story line?

I do. I try to learn as much as I can from them. I’m always trying to fulfill their desire for a hot and compelling story, without losing the uniqueness that authors are driven by. I’m sticking with my aforementioned plan for the first four titles, but fans definitely make me think about how best to tell those stories—which I appreciate. I’m grateful for each and every reader because you inspire me to try to keep getting better.

What are your tastes when it comes to pop culture—movies, books, podcasts? Is there a particular contemporary author you enjoy? Do you read the classics—Dickens, Hemingway, etc.? 

I try to consume pretty widely. I want to be exposed to a range of styles. From a modern perspective, I find the most compelling content is TV dramas, so from The Sopranos to The Wire to Game of Thrones—I watch them all. But for literature, give me the classics. I’m working through Moby Dick again right now, learning all I can from a writing genius. But I also like pulp fiction. I read a fair amount of horror though I don’t see myself writing any. I think where horror writers go into violence, my books go into passionate sex instead 🙂 Thanks again to Fanny Press for all the support you’ve shown cuckold authors and readers. Fanny Press made it all possible for me.

Latitude 59, by Christine Edwards: Breathless Romance at High Altitudes

latitude59Things move quickly on this mountain. Come prepared.

Latitude 59 ($12.95/140 pages/ISBN: 978-1-60381-572-7) is the Christine Edwards’s eighth erotic romance. Following an avalanche, a heli-skier is snowbound with a former professional hockey player in his cabin in the Alaskan wilderness.

** Click the cover image to order online **

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Latitude 59 is a game changer for Christine Edwards! Known for her seriously sexy and dominant Alphas, she has surprisingly crafted Roark Thibault with just the perfect amount of gentle sweetness. She then infused every word with a kind of poignant longing and her signature brand of blazing desire to make this book burn hotter than the Midnight sun. It’s definitely Christine at her satisfying, soul scorching best.”  Read more….

—Agents of Romance

Latitude 59 will make you believe in love & it will make your soul (and other body parts) sizzle on a frosty winter night!”  Read more….

—I am a Book Addict (and proud of it)

5/5 Stars: “Really enjoyed this high energy Romance. From the start I loved how Christine brought the environment to life with her amazing description.”  Read more….

—Nichole’s Sizzling Pages

“This is a very interesting read. I love the chemistry that Roark and Sabine have. The book is very well written and keeps you turning the pages. The attraction that they know they can never fight is so intense and hot. Another great one Christine!” Read more….

–Mindy, Hynes & Bigham Literary Tryst

Christine’s many fans know her for her irresistible alpha male heroes and feisty and intelligent heroines.

Nordic Bound: “[Edwards] has once again unleashed her mastery in the art of true Erotica to create a story that is realistically raw and yet tender at the same time.” —Agents of Romance

“Charleston Past Midnight has some super sexy old-school vampires and an intriguing love story.” —Fresh Fiction

Captured in Croatia: “An exciting read…. I thoroughly enjoyed the story from start to finish. It had a nice hook at the beginning and a completely satisfying end.” —Long and Short Reviews

Nabbed in New Zealand: “From the beaches to the snowcapped treacherous mountains the setting is a great backdrop to this ‘sit on the edge of your seat’ romance…. you can feel the sexual tension jump off the page.” —So Many Reads … So Little Time

An avalanche disrupts a heli-skiing trip. Is Sabine’s only hope for survival a man as brutal as the storm that nearly killed her?

The life of Roark Thibault has been ruled by violence. As the enforcer for an NHL hockey team, he’s a master at his craft, laying waste to anyone who crosses his path with a viciousness that has earned him both fear and respect. But a career-ending knee injury has made him question everything. Choosing solitude, he resides in a remote cabin set deep in the Alaskan wilderness. While hunting, he runs across a gorgeous, unconscious, half-frozen skier.

Sabine Borgia is terrified of her imposing savior. At first. She soon discovers that behind the gruff exterior is a complex man scarred by love and life. Will this puzzling beauty be the one to finally melt the heart of this fiercely private warrior?

Says Christine, “Heli Skiing happens to be one of the most thrilling and obscure winter sports on the planet. Who wouldn’t agree that it takes a massive dose of courage to be dropped via cable from a helicopter onto the face of an imposing mountain? With Latitude 59 my goal was to transport the reader from the comfort of their warm, cozy homes and into the breathtaking, yet often brutal world of the Alaskan wilderness.”

Erotic romance author Christine Edwards grew up on Hilton Head Island, SC. Christine has a special place in her heart for reading and writing erotic tales. She continues to publish stories that immerse readers in exotic and realistic geographic settings amid interesting subcultures of adult life. Within the vein of BDSM romance, her main focus is on loving, multi-faceted relationships involving intense alpha males and strong-willed, passionate heroines. Christine resides in the Deep South. Click here to visit Christine online.

Keep reading for an excerpt:

I stare at him in frozen horror. The two words that come to mind are ‘fierce’ and ‘intimidating.’ I’ve never seen a man like him before today and likely never will again. His hair, which brushes the tops of his wide shoulders, is light brown streaked with blond, the former matching his full beard. But it’s his eyes—big, skeptical eyes the color of deep, dark espresso—that bore straight into me.

Seconds tick by and he doesn’t move, much less utter a word, just continues to stare. Two mammoth furry dogs are splayed out at his feet and when I finally manage to breathe, I eke out a nervous, barely audible rasp, “Who are you?”

He hesitates a moment and finally says in a low bass voice, “The guy who found you. Name’s Roark.”

I blink and ask slowly, “Found me?”

“Yeah. You hurt?”

Everything comes back in a rush—the accident, the hours of trekking in the wind and cold. Once the snow clouds rolled in, everything took a turn for the worse, becoming close to unbearable; that’s about the time it all went hazy.

I croak out a desperate plea, “I’m all right, just really sore. Please, can I use your phone? My friends … they’re still lost. I … I have to call for help immediately … before it’s too late.”

Showing no emotion, he tells me evenly, “Take it easy, lady. Just phoned the sheriff. Your cousin and buddy are safe in a hospital over in Anchorage.”

The flood of relief is too much. I try to choke back the sobs but fail miserably. The tears are dripping off my chin as I swipe my face and mumble, “Are you sure? They’re really alive?”

“As of an hour ago, yeah. You’re safe now, so relax.”

“Thank you, for what you did—saving me up there, I mean.” The gratitude comes out awkwardly.

He watches me with those penetrating eyes but stays silent.

“I’d like to get in touch with my parents.”

He points over to a desk that’s nestled against a sweeping wall of windows. “Phone’s over there, have at it. You want somethin’ to eat?”

“No, no thanks. I’m really thirsty though.”

He blinks and walks away. I listen and hear a refrigerator door open then slam somewhere off inside the cabin. His heavy boots make his footsteps boom throughout the place. I pull the rest of the quilts away, slip my socks on, and sit up, Indian style. When he enters the living room again, he keeps his distance. I watch him place the large, ice-cold glass of water down on the knotted wood coffee table that separates us. I stare at it, watching the rivulets begin to run down the sides, lit from behind by the roaring fire.

I’ve never felt so uncomfortable around someone in my entire life.

“Thanks,” I murmur, reaching out for the glass. He says nothing and turns on his heel to leave the room, giving another whistle that prompts the pair of black and white dogs to follow him.

I do my best to steady my hands as I take a long, shaky drink.

So good … more.

I try to pace myself, not wanting to choke. From the looks of it, he’d choose a long swim in an icy river over giving me CPR. Whatever, at least the three of us are alive to tell the tale. Assuming this warrior of a man is telling me the truth, then the police know where I am and should be on their way, hopefully arriving any minute now.