The Virgin Project Re-Released!

The Virgin Project
The Virgin Project
ISBN: 9781603814003
Paperback: $14.95
Graphic Novel

Sensitive and uncensored, The Virgin Project is a hilarious and touching collection that recreates the first-time sexual experiences of real people in graphic form.

Miranda’s story is sweet, simple, and nice—everyone’s ideal first experience. Clifton discovered he was gay while looking at Mexican girly mags in a tree house with his best friend. Patty was playing around with her girlfriend in the garage, on the hood of Dad’s mustang, when Mom walked in and offered to take her to a shrink. Jim hired a prostitute so he wouldn’t be inexperienced on his wedding night.  Marc was raped by his high school wrestling coach.

Boze and Kato tell it how it is: from romance to rape. Each story is told in the person’s own words and professionally illustrated. If you have teenagers, and you care about their health and happiness, this is the book you want to accidentally leave on the coffee table.

“One of the most interesting books to cross my desk in recent months … filled with fascinating narratives of an experience common to most people, yet infinitely varied in its details. Some of the stories are joyful, some are hilarious, some are sad, and a few are downright horrific. Though the stories deal with human sexuality, the depictions of ‘the deed’ are circumspect and tasteful.”

– Tony Isabella,

“The writing is the drawn book at its most poetic, in the classic sense of poetry of saying the most with the fewest words …. The authors pay close attention to the true voices of their subjects. The only thing that colors the stories is an accepting humanity. No sort of tale of the First Time is ignored in The Virgin Project …. I don t keep a lot of the books that are given me to read or review; I’ve even stuck the ones I didn’t want to keep in the back of airplane seats. The Virgin Project is going on the book shelf by the bed. Talk about sexy.”

– Donna Barr,

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