Giving the Bride Away

Giving the Bride Away
Giving the Bride Away
ISBN: 9781603814256
Paperback: $16.95
Ebook: $2.99

Giving the Bride Away is an thrilling new erotic romance and adventure in polyamory by Sage Vivant.

Is Sherri one of the most diabolical female leads in recent romantic fiction? Or is she a trailblazer who is determined not to compromise her own happiness to meet society’s expectations? Is Paul, her adoring husband, the epitome of the strong and sensitive male, or one of the most pathetically tormented men ever to  be destroyed by the meat grinder that is modern marriage? And what role is played by Daniel, the attractive philosopher/artist next door, who, though as passive as Sherri is aggressive, still seems to control the entire drama?  Is Giving the Bride Away a how-to novel in the art of transformational polyamorous relationships? Or is it a devastating critique of marriage and its power to brutalize all who question its taboos?


**Also available at Barnes & Noble and for the Kindle!**

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