At Long Last: The Virgin Project 2

The Virgin Project 2
The Virgin Project 2
ISBN: 9781603814409
Paperback: $14.95
Graphic Novel

Ever since the release of The Virgin Project, fans have been clamoring for an encore. And now, here it is: The Virgin Project 2 (141 pages). Both graphic novels illustrate “first time” stories collected from interviews with real people. The project is the second joint effort of Seattle artist K.D. Boze and Idaho illustrator Stasia Kato.

Sex-advice columnist Dan Savage praised the first book as “moving, hilarious, and heartbreaking.” The latest volume opens with an introduction by University of Washington sociology professor and nationally noted sexuality expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz.

As in the first book, the stories cover a wide range of experiences—sometimes wonderful, often sweet and occasionally traumatic—from people of every sexual orientation.

Praise for the first Virgin Project:

“The writing is the drawn book at its most poetic, in the classic sense of poetry of saying the most with the fewest words. Boze and Kato are pithy, loquacious when the stories are funny, short and harsh when the story goes dark. And some of these stories are very dark. The authors pay close attention to the true voices of their subjects. The only thing that colors the stories is an accepting humanity. No sort of tale of the First Time is ignored in The Virgin Project….

“I don’t keep a lot of the books that are given me to read or review; I’ve even stuck the ones I didn’t want to keep in the back of airplane seats. The Virgin Project is going on the book shelf by the bed. Talk about sexy.”

Donna Barr

“One of the most interesting books to cross my desk in recent months…filled with fascinating narratives of an experience common to most people, yet infinitely varied in its details. Some of the stories are joyful, some are hilarious, some are sad, and a few are downright horrific. Though the stories deal with human sexuality, the depictions of ‘the deed’ are circumspect and tasteful.”

Tony Isabella

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On May 1, 2010,  creators Boze and Kato were named Cartoonists of the Year by Cartoonists Northwest, which also awarded The Virgin Project 2 the Golden Toonie Award in the Comic Books/Graphic Novels Category.

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