Sex and Love, by I.J. Miller: Literary Erotica at its Finest

Sex and Love
Sex and Love
ISBN: 978-1-60381-496-6
Paperback: $16.95
Ebook: $2.99

Who doesn’t hunger for more sex and love? In I.J. Miller’s stories everyone does …

In Sex and Love (240 pages), each story is carefully crafted and achingly sensual, with vivid settings, strong complex characters, and plot lines that are wholly original and unpredictable:

A married man who is a king in cybersex chat rooms, a woman torn between her boring fiancé and a hot anonymous affair, a professor fighting off seduction by a biker chick, a lonely man held hostage by a lascivious ex-lover, a housewife infatuated with her daughter’s tennis pro, a straight man tempted by a gay friend … everybody in Sex and Love wants to burn a little hotter. An intense, erotic ride that has the novel feel of one breathless journey.

“I’m going to let the cat out of the bag right off and say that, with Sex and Love, I.J. Miller has written some of the best literary erotica I’ve yet to come across. For me, character and narrative are king (and queen) of my enjoyment of a short story. In Miller’s collection, almost every story has a captivating character (or two) and a narrative that takes you on a journey you look forward to completing.”
Nathan Burgoine, Erotica Revealed

“I loved this short story collection.  Taken together, the collection seemed like a kind of Metamorphosis that hinges on sex.  That is not to say that sex is the point of these stories, but sex is the fulcrum that allows the characters to change (for better or worse)…. I highly recommend this collection to anyone who enjoys short stories and would enjoy a literary view of the world through a slightly cracked lens.”  Read more …
–Reading with Analysis Blog

“One hears endearing echoes of John Cheever in the way Miller presents his characters’ backstories; the way their rather conventional aspirations are explored, the very ordinariness of their dreams. Cheever’s style may seem dated nowadays, his reliance on secondhand narrative as quaint as his ‘50s suburban-middle-class sensibilities; yet his insights still ring universally, poignantly true, and Miller has learned the older author’s lessons well. The most revealing human truths; the most compelling drama is often discovered within the commonplace; the most seemingly ordinary moments in our lives in which the deepest understanding is born. Throughout Sex and Love, Miller demonstrates a talent for probing psychological complexity, often revealing the pain and poetry of dysfunction in surprisingly entertaining ways.”  Read more …

–Terrance Aldon Shaw, Big Brain Erotica

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East Coast Author I.J. Miller has written three distinct works of fiction. His first novel, Seesaw, will be re-released by Fanny Press in 2012; it was originally published in three languages and sold over 132,000 copies. His second novel, Whipped, was published in German in 2006 by Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, a division of Random House; an English version has just been released by Fanny Press. Sex and Love is his first collection of short stories. I.J. is also a screenwriter and earned his Master of Fine Arts at the American Film Institute. You can find I.J. online at and

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