Climbing the Stairs: A Kindle Single by I.J. Miller

Climbing the Stairs
Ebook: $.99

The perfect beach read for the dog days of August …. Climbing the Stairs ($.99) is a novella by I.J. Miller, author of Whipped and Sex and Love (both available from Fanny Press.)

Successful in business but fragile in her personal life, Leigh Stern finds herself at a crossroads: about to turn 30, biological clock ticking, relationship with her boyfriend Walter going nowhere. Then, on the night of her 30th birthday, she receives a wedding proposal from Walter. To celebrate, Leigh’s best friend takes her out for drinks, where she goads Leigh into a last hurrah with a handsome, older stranger–body of a god, just the right amount of sexy gray flecks in his thick black hair. Leigh gets more than she bargained for, as he takes her home to his five-flight walk-up and they climb the stairs to a night of white hot ecstasy. Walter’s sex drive and bedroom skills pale in comparison, and yet he is the stable, successful, family man she has always wanted. But how can she marry one man while she lusts after another–one who is completely anonymous, emotionally aloof, yet sexually addictive?

Climbing the Stairs takes you on one woman’s heated erotic journey as she struggles between her carnal passions and practical nature, wondering if she must settle or if she can somehow have it all….

” ‘Single Woman’ [published as a Kindle Single, Climbing the Stairs], was phenomenal. These characters lived and breathed for me, and I adored Miller’s dedication to making the fallout realistic and yet still providing me with a denouement I could truly enjoy.”

–Nathan Burgoine, Erotica Revealed

“All of the characters in each story are complex people who have intricate emotions; it’s almost like the author wrote about people I know and interact with every day, because the emotions are so real and raw. There are layers of reasoning behind what the people in these stories do; nothing is ever simple or predictable, which is why this book is so great.”

–Clea R. Geller,

I.J. Miller’s first novel, Seesaw, was originally published in three languages and sold over 132,000 copies. His second novel, Whipped, was published in German in 2006 by Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, a division of Random House; an English version is available through Fanny Press, which also published I.J.’s story collection, Sex and Love. I.J. lives on the East Coast. He is also a screenwriter and earned his Master of Fine Arts at the American Film Institute. Visit his blog  and his website.


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