37 Stories About 37 Women: A Collection of Edgy Stories by Brian Whitney

37 Stories About 37 Women
37 Stories About 37 Women
ISBN: 978-1-60381-506-2
Paperback: $11.95
Ebook: $2.99
Edgy Fiction

Fanny Press has added a new category to its list: Edgy Fiction. 37 Stories About 37 Women ( 114 pages), is a collection of short stories by new author Brian Whitney.

A prisoner, a waitress, a virgin, a psychic …. These are a few of the 37 women featured in Brian Whitney’s slim but potent debut collection. Told through the points of view of sex addicts and their willing victims, these stories seduce the reader with their spare, rhythmic prose and hypnotic storytelling. Whitney reveals the dark side of relationships in permissive times—the drugs, the scamming, the cheating, the neediness, the love that somehow survives it all. Erotic, unflinching, surprisingly perceptive, this book will change forever the way you view the battle of the sexes.

“Whitney’s got a style that reminds me a bit of what would happen if you combined Raymond Carver with Charles Bukowski, with a healthy dash of Tucker Max. Creepy sexual couplings and emotional pain filtered through a distant, near-minimalism ….  Whitney has a wonderful style that is distinctive, clean and extremely readable …. To have left such a collection of miserable people and experiences and finding myself thinking about the fine writing is no small authorial feat. If you are a fan of extremely short stories, bordering on flash fiction, you will want to give this collection a look, but mostly this collection is for the misery dwellers amongst us, myself included, who just want to experience the worst people bring to the table. If you are the sort who cannot help but listen to the couple arguing at the table next to yours at the restaurant, rubbernecking at the car crashes of human relationships, you’ll find much to love in this collection.”  Read more …

—Anita Dalton, I Read Odd Books.com

“Not your typical romance novel, Brian Whitney’s book 37 Stories About 37 Women is a series of dark and edgy stories with a sarcastic and cynically odd humor to each. It reminded me a bit of that odd feeling you got after watching Precious. The reality hitting of intros that may not say “based on a true story” do not necessarily mean that somewhere someone is experiencing this exact type of tragedy . Although not an erotic novel, the stories do have quite a bit of distorted sexual content; what you might call a peep hole to very dysfunctional women’s relationships.  Like any true rubber necker, you simply can’t stop yourself from wanting to see the extent of the damage, and thus you want to continue reading Whitney’s tragic stories of these dysfunctional relationships.”

—Vanessa, for Ego Magazine

[Click here to see this review and read an interview with Brian Whitney.]

“Experience sex and drugs from the seamy side of the tracks in this Canterbury Tales for adults…. This is not a “happy” book. In fact, it contains more realism than most people would like. But that just may be what makes it such a unique book …. [Whitney’s] brand of writing as well as his subject matter probably won’t appeal to everyone, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You should give this book a shot just see if you’re one of the unique readers that will become an instant fan.”  Read more ….
—Lynn Cunningham, Fresh Fiction

Says Whitney, “These stories are not just about the bad boy and why he does the things that he does to destroy lives. They are also about the women who involve themselves with the men such as these. Why do they stay and why do they debase themselves? Some of you have never met anyone like the people in these stories. Others will recognize a friend, a former boyfriend or girlfriend, or even themselves. I think everyone that reads them will be affected in a certain way. I challenge you to see for yourself.”

Brian Whitney has been a counselor, a landscaper, and a case worker at a homeless shelter. His interests include ruminating, perseverating and hanging out in bad places. If you have a Great Dane he will like you immediately. Coming soon: Brian’s second collection of stories, Romance. You can find Brian online at Whitney.fannypress.com.


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