Savannah Past Midnight, by Christine Edwards: An Alpha Male Confronts the Ultimate Power Female

Savannah Past Midnight
Savannah Past Midnight
ISBN: 978-1-60381-558-1
Paperback: $12.95
Ebook: $2.99

He’s a lover and a fighter, and he just might have what it takes to satisfy her hunger.

Savannah Past Midnight (186 pages), by Christine Edwards, is a paranormal erotic romance about a Montana cowboy who meets a mysteriously invincible woman on the streets of Savannah.

Cosette Beauvais is a risk taker with a capital R. When her daredevil behavior leaves her paralyzed, her uncle ends her suffering by turning her into a vampire. In no time she makes her mark as one of the most cunning female vamps in existence. Though her fearlessness is admired in her violent new world, her impulsiveness leaves her with terrible regrets. By violating the rules, she kills a young human while feeding from him. The selfish deed haunts her, causing her to steer clear of men who attract her both physically and mentally.

After she breaks with a vampire kingpin named Tristan who tried to turn her against her uncle and her own vampire family, her life spins out of control. Bloodthirsty wolves, a new threat to the Savannah area, stalk her daily. She is dead set on finding the source of the attempts on her life and repairing the strained ties with her uncle Severin, so the last thing Cosette needs is a devastatingly sexy new human in her life. Colton Brennan is a massive Montana cowboy, a skilled fighter who has sworn to win Cosette’s love. Try as she might, she can’t resist the passion he has ignited within her, no matter what the consequences. Can this human provide the love and protection Cosette has unwittingly craved?

Meanwhile Tristan and his power-hungry clan are on a quest for Southern vampiric domination. Can Cosette and her Charleston-based vampire family survive their brutal onslaughts?

Savannah Past Midnight is the second book in the Past Midnight series, which began with Charleston Past Midnight.

5 Stars: “This book is the exciting story of a vampire and the human who loves her enough to risk his life to be with her. Cosette had always been in love with adventure and excitement, and it led her to the decision to become a vampire when one adventure ended badly. Colton lived a childhood filled with harsh punishment and little love and seeks fights to deal with the lingering pain. While he is sure their love is worth any risk, she struggles with the decision to bring him into her dangerous world. It is the story of an enduring love and sure to appeal to those who love romance stories.” Read more….

—LiaL, The Romance Reviews

5 Stars: “This author writes perfect heroes every time. I can’t get enough of their bossy yet sweet ways…. I was lost in this story from page one and didn’t want to see it end. Totally addicted. This author’s heroes and her heroines are strong yet the perfect softness for these awesome alpha males.”  Read more….

—Nichole’s Sizzling Pages

5/5 Stars:Savannah Past Midnight continues Christine’s reign as one of the Queens of Vampire Erotica! Her atmospheric locations combined with passion so tangible that it literally scorches the page make her each and every book uniquely hypnotic and compelling. And that’s why Christine’s vampires never sparkle—they bloody sizzle….” Read more….

—Agents of Romance Blog

Says Christine, “Savannah’s shrouded mystery is the reason I simply could not resist making it the setting for Savannah Past Midnight. What better stomping grounds for elusive vampires than a city whose cemeteries hold nearly as much beauty as its residential areas? Although I have visited Savannah annually since I was a little girl, I am still endlessly fascinated by the fact that there is always a new square or historic site to explore.”

Erotic romance author Christine Edwards grew up on Hilton Head Island, SC. Christine has a special place in her heart for reading and writing erotic tales. She continues to publish stories that immerse readers in exotic and realistic geographic settings amid interesting subcultures of adult life. Within the vein of BDSM romance, her main focus is on loving, multi-faceted relationships involving intense alpha males and strong-willed, passionate heroines. Christine resides in the Deep South. Click here to visit Christine online.

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