Awake!, by Anna Battle

ISBN: 978-1-60381-715-8
Paperback: $14.95
Ebook: $3.99

Lori and Brandon were high school friends, college soulmates, sometime lovers always pulled apart by conflicting goals, and competing relationships. After decades and miles of distance — having built complicated lives on opposite coasts, and accumulating a host of missteps and grievances — they reignite their explosive sexual chemistry with a chance meeting and a kiss. Can they forge an abiding relationship, across a entire continent amidst the lingering obligations from their time apart?

Anna Battle is on a mission. To write erotic fiction for grownups; stories about women and men juggling jobs and kids, friendships and finances, ex-husbands and dating, all the while struggling to program their confounding smart phones. The people in her stories can’t ignore that life is messy and perplexing, but, after all, forty is the new twenty. Anna’s characters still desire romance, real partnership, and the thrill of self-empowerment that comes from sexual curiosity and freedom. When Anna is not exploring sexuality and meaning, or discovering her new favorite view of the ocean, she is on the tennis court playing competitive doubles. Anna shares custody of her two children and commutes regularly between Maryland and Washington state.

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Awake!, by Anna Battle
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