Puppy Love 2: Building a Family

Puppy Love 2
Puppy Love 2
IBSN: 9781603814362
Paperback: $18.95
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The rave reviews are already pouring in for Fanny Press’ newest release: Puppy Love 2: Building A Family (351 pages).

Here’s the story: Matt and Petey are a young gay couple in love. They’re a Dom/sub couple. They’re an Owner and his pup. In Puppy Love 2, the couple begins to build a life together. The close-knit relationship they share with another D/S couple, Alex and Drew, is flourishing. The four find their lives increasingly interwoven until ultimately they become a family. Their tragedies and struggles are remarkable, and the emergence of Petey’s sociopathic nemesis Ryan Connors only heightens the drama. Will Matt and Petey’s love be strong enough to weather the storms? Will Matt revert to his selfish habits of infidelity and womanizing? Will he demonstrate the maturity required to be a responsible Master to his pup? Will Petey ever realize that he has genuine worth, and will he find the inner confidence to be the hero he was born to be?

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THREE Five-Star Reviews (so far) !

“Well this book is one surprise after another, and I will say this: all the surprises make this book a lot better than the first. There is character growth, a more exciting plot, a bigger than wow climax and the sex is hotter than ever.  It’s a tear jerker and you will experience every known emotion in the few hours it takes to read this book; because once you start, you won’t put it down….

“I could go on forever about how awesome this book is, I could go on about how hot and steamy the sex is ( take my word its effing hot)…. Jeff has done a splendid job on this book and I will forever be a big fan of Matt and his pup. I am very excited for Puppy Love 3 and I just know it’s gonna be awesome. One of my favorite gay series.”

Darien Moya, ThreeDollarBillReviews.Com

“The story picks up after book 1 has ended and the two young men are moving forward in their relationship. The connection between them is stronger than ever and the sex hotter…. The author also uses this book to show the start of Petey’s growing maturity which in no way detracts from his need to be mastered by Matt. At the same time we get to see Matt’s vulnerable side and his love for Petey. There were times while reading this that I wanted to give both of them a hug and towards the end was close to tears.

“The men continue to face some tough problems and of course Katie, Petey’s sister is no help. With the promise of a third story coming soon author Jeff Erno is sure to have fan’s biting their nails as they wait. With each new story I become a bigger fan of this author whose characters and the way he tells a story always leaves me wanting more.”

Lydia, Rainbow-Reviews.Com Read More….


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