The Bull, by John Stone

The Bull
ISBN: 978-1-68492-065-5
Paperback: $14.95
Ebook: $4.99

The Bull is the story of a typical man drawn into the cuckold lifestyle because of the needs of his wife.

Jack is 55 years old and a sexual “underperformer.” Diane is 40 and gorgeous. A highly intelligent button-down professional with a wild side fighting to break free. Jack is a former executive whose largest endowment is his portfolio. Jack knows Diane didn’t marry him for his sexual prowess. Their pairing is a classic mismatch. The result of a late-in-life romance that’s hit a snag. Diane, a respected attorney comes across what she sees as the perfect answer for her sexual starvation. The hot wife phenomenon. Desperate to keep his wife happy, Jack reluctantly agrees. Diane arranges a meeting with a man. A man she sees as the answer to their problems.


Tall, handsome, and charming Dan is the man of Diane’s dreams and the man of Jack’s nightmares. The fuse is lit. All that is left is the explosion.

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