Reluctant Cuckold, by David McManus

Reluctant Cuckold
Reluctant Cuckold
ISBN: 978-1-60381-502-4
Paperback: $18.95
Ebook: $4.95

Who knew a cheating wife could be a turn-on?

Reluctant Cuckold (344 pages), by David McManus, delves into the psychological complexities of cuckoldry.

Dave is a young, successful, upwardly mobile New Yorker with a great job, a dream apartment, and a wife every man desires. Then comes “the rumor”…. At a party Dave and his wife are both attending, Ashley locks herself in the bathroom with a male co-worker and her best girlfriend, who goads the other two into having sex. Only later, when the co-worker brags about the incident, does Ashley admit the truth of the rumor to Dave, along with the devastating detail that the co-worker is “just bigger, OK?”

So begins Dave’s initiation into the “cuckold” lifestyle, practiced by a large community of men and women who have embraced their dominant or submissive natures in pursuit of sexual satisfaction. Everything Dave holds sacred is at stake. Will adopting the cuckold lifestyle help him preserve his marriage and his sanity, or will it destroy him?

Is the scene legit, or just a colossal mindf**k?

“In Reluctant Cuckold, McManus takes us through an erotic and intense psychological journey toward cuckolding. Our main character Dave is an all-American man with an all-American wife, but inside himself, there are doubts. As he begins to suspect his wife Ashley of infidelity, those doubts build into forbidden desires that just might show the way forward. McManus takes us through the adventure with a writer’s eye and vivid dialogue. Not a book you can put down.”

—Alex Hathaway, author of From Housewife to Cuckoldress

David McManus is not part of the “one percent,” but he does work in finance and lives with his wife in New York. He never imagined writing a book, but always thought that if he did, it would be about his industry. But circumstances changed. This is his first publication.

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