Meet Alex Hathaway, Author of From Housewife to Cuckoldress, Education of a Cuckold, and now, My Husband’s Adventures

cuckoldressWhen Fanny Press first published Our Dark Secret: A Modern Cuckold Memoir in 2010, author Derrin Hart assured us that there was a large audience clamoring for cuckold stories. He was absolutely right. Our Dark Secret became one of our top sellers, and soon many other authors were publishing books in what would become an established genre: cuckold erotica. Derrin would eventually publish two other cuckold novels with us: Tiffany’s Cuckold and Southern Belle Cuckold. Meanwhile we were receiving many other submissions, but none could equal Derrin’s original and unpredictable story lines plus sly humor … not until Alex Hathaway came along.

We instantly fell in love with From Housewife to Cuckoldress: How I Took Sexual Control of a Marriage in Crisis, which was the first cuckold story we’d seen up to that point from a female point of view. Not to mention that Alex was a wonderful writer with a distinctive voice and a wicked sense of humor. Alex also brought a psychological depth to the characters that allowed the work to transcend genre.

education_cuckoldAlex’s next novel was Education of a Cuckold: A Story of Love, Lust, and Fate, narrated by a young man learning his place in the cuckold scene. On November 1, 2016, we will publish Alex’s third standalone cuckold novel, My Husband’s Adventures: Confessions from the Wife of a Cuckold Bull, once again, as the title indicates, narrated by a female character.

Over the next several months Fanny Press will release two other books in the genre. The second episode in British writer Rob Matthews’ classy Cuckold Odyssey series, which began with Come Home With Us, I Can Do It Better, will be released December 1, 2016. An interview with him will be posted on Fanny’s website November 15.

cuckold_unchartedDavid McManus’ third Reluctant Cuckold book, Cuckold Uncharted, will be released early in 2017; we’ll announce a date soon. David reports that the story is coming along well. Our interview with David will run December 15.  David’s first two books feature a cast of realistic and relatable characters led by Dave, who is caught up in a love triangle he craves and abhors and doesn’t quite understand. Reluctant Cuckold and Cuck Storm Horizon have captured a whole new audience of readers for the genre.

And now, we are pleased to introduce you to the delightful Alex Hathaway:

Do you keep up with the newest titles in the cuckold genre? What do you see?

I do my best to keep up with new cuckold titles, especially the ones from Fanny Press 🙂 Often I am doing my own version of research, picking up stories/experiences from my own life and also interacting with folks I know online who have lived the cuckold life or are experimenting. I like to learn about the truth of people’s lives in whatever form I can. When it comes to sexuality, so much is still hidden. The cuckolding genre is definitely thriving!

What do you think your books bring to the genre that is fresh or unique?

I view cuckolding through the lens of female sexual empowerment, which may be different than some, as modern cuckolding is usually seen as a male fantasy. I like to flip that on its head. In prior Fanny Press blogs I wrote about how cuckolding presents an option for women to reframe their sexual relationships. Contrary to the fairy tales, it’s amazingly difficult to find everything you seek in one partner. Cuckolding presents one avenue into sexual awakening/rejuvenation.

If we start with the female claiming her sexual power, the fascinating question is how the men in her life respond. The big difference between my books and real life is we have the chance to follow the protagonist through a full evolution as they grow and change—of course with hot encounters along the way! My cuckold books delve into the psychology of embracing cuckolding. To me, knowing what compels people to risk what they risk makes the sex scenes hotter, but readers can decide.

My three books have no overlap in characters, but there is a connection readers might find interesting. Each book looks at a different cuckold role. From Housewife to Cuckoldress tells of a shift in a married woman’s outlook, in The Education of a Cuckold a cuckold discovers his true identity. My latest book, My Husband’s Adventures, is about a wife who must come to terms with her husband, a cuckold “bull.” My next book rounds out the main cast of characters in cuckolding dramas.

Do you interact with fans? If so, what is the feedback you’re hearing from them? Has it affected the way you write or the story line?

I do. I try to learn as much as I can from them. I’m always trying to fulfill their desire for a hot and compelling story, without losing the uniqueness that authors are driven by. I’m sticking with my aforementioned plan for the first four titles, but fans definitely make me think about how best to tell those stories—which I appreciate. I’m grateful for each and every reader because you inspire me to try to keep getting better.

What are your tastes when it comes to pop culture—movies, books, podcasts? Is there a particular contemporary author you enjoy? Do you read the classics—Dickens, Hemingway, etc.? 

I try to consume pretty widely. I want to be exposed to a range of styles. From a modern perspective, I find the most compelling content is TV dramas, so from The Sopranos to The Wire to Game of Thrones—I watch them all. But for literature, give me the classics. I’m working through Moby Dick again right now, learning all I can from a writing genius. But I also like pulp fiction. I read a fair amount of horror though I don’t see myself writing any. I think where horror writers go into violence, my books go into passionate sex instead 🙂 Thanks again to Fanny Press for all the support you’ve shown cuckold authors and readers. Fanny Press made it all possible for me.

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