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Desires, by Galia Ryan: Book 3 of the Luxuria Trilogy
The Shameful Desires Trilogy Comes to a Close with Shameful Desires 3: Unbound
Southern Belle Cuckold: When He Comes Up Short, What’s a Man to Do?
Am I Pleasing You? Stories From the Dark Side of Human Behavior
The Education of a Cuckold, a Novel by Alex Hathway
Allegra Jackson: Sex, Booze and Designer Shoes, by Debut Novelist Amelia Benjamin
SECRETS, the Erotic Prequel to CHOICES, by Galia Ryan
Choices, Book 1 of the Luxuria Trilogy, by Galia Ryan

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Fanny Press is a new publisher of edgy fiction and quality erotic fiction and nonfiction based in Seattle, Washington. We publish erotic romances about polyamory, bondage, and the supernatural. We publish erotic memoirs. We even publish adult comic books. Please contact us at for more information.


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